Botanical & Other Names: Feuille de Luzeren, Sanfoin,Purple Medick 
Tonic Energy & Flavor:
Meridian Affinity:

Alfalfa comes rich with vitamins A, C, E and K4, making the herb effective for lowering cholesterol and eliminating foul odors from sperm. Alfalfa promotes the cleaning of blood and other bodily fluids, including sperm. Because of it's rich vitamin properties and no known side effects, Alfalfa is ideal for formulas such as tinctures for proper sperm health. 

Botanical Tincture For Bad Sperm Odor

One of the most embarrassing and obvious symptoms of over-masturbation is a foul odor of the semen. If your intimacy extends to the point of your partner having such close contact to your ejaculation that she can smell it, you may want to consider this remedy.
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