Albizzia Cortex

Botanical & Other Names:  Ho Huan, Mimosa, Silk trees
Tonic Energy & Flavor:  Sweet, neutral
Meridian Affinity:  Heart and Liver
The Chinese praise Albizzia Cortex for its ability to help individuals cope with mental exhaustion and memory issues altered by over masturbation. Albizzia Cortex
also helps individuals with mental health problems, e.g., paranoia, insomnia, temper and excessive worrying. Albizzia Cortex can calm and strengthen the mind, nourish the heart and invigorate the blood, giving individuals who take the extract a feeling of peace.
Medical experts warn against operating heavy machinery while taking Albizzia Cortex, especially within the first hour of consumption. Women who are pregnant should refrain from taking the supplement altogether as higher dosages can increase the risk of an abortion. Thanks to its ability to enhance memory and fight mental exhaustion, Albizzia Cortex is found inside exhaustion and memory-enhancement tinctures.

Botanical Tincture For Poor Memory & Exhaustion

Maybe helpful for: Men's Over Masturbation Symptoms: poor memory
imes, the “cobwebs” associated with the first few hours after you awake don’t go away. Many people complain that not only do they not feel entirely alert after they’ve had their coffee or other morning wake-up routine, their ability to remember or recall certain information never seems to resume its full capacity.
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