Ailanthus Cortex

Botanical & Other Names:  Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle and Ailanthus Bark
Tonic Energy & Flavor: bitter and cold
Meridian Affinity:  Stomach, Large intestine, and Liver
Ailanthus Cortex, known simply Ailanthus Bark, is used for its tropistic properties that help both the large intestine and liver. The large intestine benefits from Ailanthus Cortex because the bark helps the qi-division of the intestine to discard heat, dampness, leukorrhagia and diarrhea. Ailanthus Cortex helps prevent bleeding and vaginal discharge too, while assisting with the treatment of leukorrhagia, hemafecia and metstaxis in the liver. Women who experience intense vaginal discharge benefit from Ailanthus Cortex's ability to eliminate toxins and to restore proper vaginal pH balance. Ailanthus Cortex has been featured in tinctures for vaginal discharge.  

Botanical Tincture For Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Depite the unsightliness of Vaginal Discharge you should know that it may be the result of important functions of the female reproductive system.
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