Ai Yi

Botanical & Other Name: Artemisia Folium, Chinese Mugwort Leaf, Artemisia vulgaris
Tonic Energy & Flavor: bitter, acrid, warm
Meridian Affinity: spleen, liver, kidney

Ai Yi, known as Chinese Mugwort Leaf, promotes blood flow, especially to the genital regions. TCM medical textbooks indicate that Ai Yi is beneficial for women having difficulty getting pregnant due to poor uterus circulation (known as a cold womb). Ai Yi can too regulate and stop uterus bleeding. Thanks to its improved fertility abilities, Ai Yi is found in botanical formulas for increasing female fertility.

Botanical Tincture For Female Fertility

There is no need to be troubled if you and your loved one seem to be having difficulty conceiving. Often, it’s just a matter of time – and practice! You may just need to adopt an attitude of patience.
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