Youth Impotence - Caused by Excessive Masturbation

In the late '80s, a technology war emerged between VHS and Betamax. Manufactures fractioned off into two camps: those siding with Betamax and those with VHS. Despite its one-hour record time, Betamax offered a superior visual quality compared with its counterpart. Despite its superior quality, Betamax would lose the technology war, not because of technical flaws, but because of it lacked one type of content: porn.

Thanks to VHS, young boys became enamored by pornography, while adults who sought voyeurism in pornographic movie theaters found solace in the comfort of their homes. VHS helped introduce pornographic movies to the masses. It’s technology, while revered and praised, help spawn an industry shunned by the public. Thanks to the backing of VHS, the adult entertainment industry continues to rate among the most profitable industries. It too has spawned a side effect among many young men: youth impotence.

Age, It Doesn’t Matter
Sex has always fascinated both young and old. The experienced adults seek new pleasures, while the inexperienced learn and discover what titillates them most. Young men will explore their bodies. They’ll masturbate. Watch porn, and become addicted to the hyperactive images emanating from their screens. The addiction can please the mind, but it too can destroy the body.

Think of your sexual energy as a water bottle. Its capacity is limited. Drink enough water in a short period of time, and the bottle will run out of its contents. Now think of neurochemicals, i.e., testosterone, estrogen, nitric oxide, dopamine and serotonin, as the molecules that make up the water. Each time you engage in sex, you deplete the reserve of neurochemicals. Men who watch excessive porn elevate their dopamine and serotonin levels to consistently high level. The body begins to crave the same levels of the neurochemicals to satisfy its urges.
Meanwhile, too much masturbation further depletes the reserve of testosterone, dopamine and serotonin while weakening the parasympathetic nerves, endocrine and immune systems. Too much masturbation results in the depletion of essential hormones and neurotransmitters. To counterbalance the low levels of neurochemicals, the body produces cortisol and prostaglandin E-2, stress hormones that inflames the body and stymie the production of neurochemicals. Without the necessary ingredients for sex, you experience impotence.

Lifestyle Changes
Porn and excessive masturbation can lead to your current predicament: young and sexless. Men who suffer from intense bouts of porn and masturbation addiction need to minimize the time spent watching pornography and self-pleasure.

Meanwhile, herbal tinctures and supplement solutions can help balance necessary neurochemicals and improve the damaged organs and nervous systems damaged by excessive masturbation. For example, Botanical Formula for Erection Rejuvenation stimulates nitric oxide production, enhances blood flow and improves penile stimulation for better erectile strength, while you should cut down the frequency of masturbation to allow your body to recover.

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