Weak Erections - Caused by Penile Leakage

Penile erections continuously consume energy.  For men with weak parasympathetic sexual nerves, 20-30 minutes of foreplay can drain that energy.  Long foreplay requires a powerful testosterone burst that burns continuously to charge the parasympathetic erection circuit.  Men who experience weak erections often tighten their pelvic muscles in order to keep their erection alive.

By being afraid of losing the erection, worrying that if it happens you won’t be able to get it up again, or if you can it won’t get fully erect, you are carrying tons of added stress that is adversely impacting your sexual functions. The struggle to keep your erection during foreplay is causing untold damage, which is proven by the production of pre-cum.   

Learn the Anal Breathing technique to enhance the blood circulation and energy flow in the lower part of your body. The anal breathing technique can strengthen your PC muscles and stimulate your neuro-endocrine system to rejuvenate the weak parasympathetic and caudal nerves around the sacrum region. The technique is especially helpful for people suffering both weak erections and constant lower back soreness and pain.  

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