Vaginal Infection - Caused by Birth Control Medications

There are many factors that can result in vaginal infection. When the deficiency in the normal protective vaginal bacterial flora and T lymphocyte occurred, it would cause harmful yeast proliferation and germination. [1]
Research finding shown that reduced T lymphocyte reactivity to Candida antigen is the result of the elaboration by the patient’s macrophages of prostaglandin E2, which blocks Candida antigen-induced lymphocyte proliferation, possibly by inhibiting iL-2 production. [1]
So where are those abundant prostaglandin E2 coming from? For women that taking Progestin and other hormonal birth control pills, it can promote the activity of an enzyme called Delta-5 Desaturase (D5D). Normally D5D, would synthesis Arachidonic Acid (AA) from high-fat meat, dairy products or even unsaturtated fat in vegtable seed oils. But when there are too many AA floating around, the body would activate another enzyme, Prostaglandin Endoperoxide H synthases CycloOXgenases to reduce AA by converting them to Prostagladin E-2. If a woman’s liver is not able to detoxify Prostaglind E-2, then various hormonal imbalance problems such as vaginal infection can happened. [1] [2] [3]

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