Vaginal Discharge - Caused by Involuntary PC Muscle

Excessive vaginal discharge and female ejaculation from the vagina or uterus requires a powerful orgasm to squeeze out the fluid stored in the porosities of the vaginal lining and uterine wall.  Thus, a vaginal or uterine ejaculation requires a powerful PC (pelvic) muscle, a fully erected and expanding G-spot and surrounding erectile tissues, a powerful multi-cycle orgasm, a high level of testosterone, and an optimal level of estrogen. 
Hormonal imbalance of prolactin, testosterone, dihydrotesterone, estrogen or their receptor sensitivity can influenced the contraction of PC muscle resulted in spasm-like involuntary contraction. It often induced due to sexual stimulation such as intercourse or masturbation of the sensitive area. 
If excessive vaginal discharge, also known as female ejaculation or “squirting,” interferes with sexual enjoyment, Kegel exercises can help a woman have more control of her pelvic muscle - and more control of her sexual experience overall. 

What to do

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