Sex, Lies, and Impotence - Tiredness Is No Excuse

B ehind every inch of hair growth and underneath every muscle spasm is a chemical reaction. These microscopic reactions act as the driving forces behind muscle recovery and hair re-growth. They control mood. They determine energy levels. And they even dictate your erectile capacity.
Men with erectile exhaustion (impotence and chronic fatigue) feel tired all the time. They avoid sex. They complain that sex has become undesirable. More importantly, they upset their partners with their constant refusal for sex. But what causes the sudden, undesirable, please-leave-me-alone-I-don’t-wanna-have-sex-with-you feeling? Is it the sudden loss of your mojo? Maybe. The lack of attractiveness toward a partner? Sure. The repetitive nature of sex? You bet.

But behind the low fatigue, you-don’t-look-so-hot-baby feelings, some men just lack the main driving force behind sex: hormones. No matter how exhausted, stressed or hungry a man is, if his hormones are well balanced, he will always want sex. Always. On the plane ride, in the car, in your office, next to your sleeping baby, if he's in the mood, he will always desire sex.

Erectile Exhaustion
Combined, erectile dysfunction and fatigue can create a cumbersome, unappealing dilemma: too tired to work and way too tired for sex. But the brunt of the blame is not the man’s fault; no, no, blame it on his hormones. His hormones dictate how he feels. His hormones explain his sudden hair loss. And yes, it’s his hormones that cause that unwanted sigh that signifies a man is both tired and unable to gain a proper erection.  

Not enough testosterone is a problem; too much DHT, a problem. Low nitric oxide levels, a problem. Low HGH and DHEA levels, you guessed it: a problem.

The body needs testosterone. Without testosterone, males can experience exhaustion, mood swings, low sex drive and the occasional bout of impotence. Meanwhile, too much DHT, binds to testosterone and blocks its production, can inhibit nitric oxide required to stimulate the penis. Nitric oxide? Think of nitric oxide as the body's neurological telephone line that links the penis to the brain. When the line is severed, communication between the two organs stops. A lack of communication can cause, well, another problem--impotence.

Wait, wait, so what about HGH and DHEA? HGH improves cell growth. No cell re-growth, no erections. Meanwhile DHEA, which acts as a metabolic intermediate, cannot bind to cell surfaces needed for a strong and powerful erection.

So…why am I feeling This Way?
Imbalances can occur for a number of reasons, from being too heavy to not eating proper meals.  

Other factors that contribute to a hormone imbalance include:
  • hereditary traits
  • infections
  • prescription medications
  • illegal steroids
  • alcohol/drug use
  • diseases
  • absence of testicles
Hormones control everything from weight gain to sexual abilities. The body needs hormones to function properly. Without hormones, the body can experience a multitude of issues. If you suffer from both chronic fatigue and impotence, maybe the best solution is not sleeping more, but Natural Libido Supplements & Pills.

If you need an extra boost of energy to pump more blood into penis, take Curculigo as your daily supplement. For more severe and complicated erectile disorders, such as an unsustainable erection combined with an uncontrollable ejaculation, take Cong Rong and Cistanche formula to help you last longer.

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