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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Seminal Leakage - Caused by Over Masturbation

Ever wonder what keeps you from ejaculating? It’s not the lack of stimulation. Nor is it the lack of semen produced by the testicles. It’s actually a plug, a small, miniaturized stopper, known as the ejaculatory valve that opens and closes during sex. Each time the valve opens, it allows a tiny bit of fluid to escape, known as a pre-cum. When the valve stays open for extended periods, it releases more liquid than necessary in a process called “leaky penis.” And what causes excessive leakage? Over masturbation and weakened parasympathetic nerves.

Ejaculation Overview
For an ejaculation to occur, the penis must be erect and the penile gland (the head of your penis) must receive enough stimulation to ejaculate. During sex, your body releases small amounts of lubrication called pre-cum. This clear, alkaline solution is produced by the prostate to help minimize the acidity of the vagina. When the penis receives enough stimulation, the ejaculatory valve opens and closes to release more or less pre-cum. Once the penile gland receives enough stimulation, an ejaculation will ensue.
The Problem 
But ejaculating too soon can be a problem, and too much seminal leakage can further complicate the issue. Remember how the ejaculatory valve releases pre-cum, well, the parasympathetic nerves help open and close the valve. The problem occurs when the nerves loses strength to shut the valve. And the nerves lose strength because of over masturbation.

Think of sex as a chemical reaction. The more the body engages in sex, the less chemicals it has to continue to engage in the activity. Meanwhile, the body begins to require more stimulation to orgasm. While the body requires more stimulation, the organs, nerves and tissues all become weak from excessive use.

The parasympathetic nerves are no exception. The more they become used, the further they become exhausted. Once exhausted, these nerves can no longer keep the ejaculatory valve shut to prevent pre-cum from leaking. With more pre-cum present, a man will ejaculate faster and lose an erection quicker.

How Weak Erections Further Complicate the Problem
Men with excessive seminal leakage will also experience weak erections. Pre-cum serves as the body's personal lubricant, but it too carries with it testosterone needed to power an erection. When too much of the liquid is released from the body, an erection goes soft. Men looking to prevent a weak erection will often contract their P.C. muscles to keep an erection hard. This puts added stress on the prostate gland and trains the P.C. muscles to contract, which mimics a state of orgasm that opens the ejaculation valve. 

Tightening Your Ejaculatory Valve
The body needs a break. Sex and over masturbation deplete a man of necessary nutrients essential for strong parasympathetic nerves. Herbs from Herbal Nourishing Pills for Ejaculatory Nerves & Premature Ejaculation can improve the parasympathetic sexual nerves to shut the ejaculatory valve. The modulation of serotonin, DHEA and GABA will too help keep the penis well stimulated to prevent P.C. muscle contracts that can further damage the ejaculatory valve and parasympathetic nerves.

For those who can't utilize the benefits of supplement, try the Herbal Tincture, to stop excessive leakage, to retrain their penises to get rock-hard and to prevent premature ejaculation issues from ruining their sex lives.

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Herbal Nourishing Pills for Ejaculatory Nerves & Premature Ejaculation

Stop premature ejaculation caused by a leaky penis, over masturbation and performance anxiety issues. If you notice your endurance levels declining, it may be time to put a stop to your issues now. Read more
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Stop Leaking Herbal Tincture

Seminal leakage, or “leaky penis” is a sign of the weakening of the parasympathetic sexual nerves. They keep the ejaculation valve shut and hold an erection. Read more
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