Premature Ejaculation - Caused by a Vasectomy

No medical procedure is without risk. A vasectomy can affect a small percentage of men both psychologically and physiologically resulting in sexual dysfunction such as painful intercourse or premature ejaculation. Scarring from the surgery or obstruction at some part of the epididymis can cause chronic pain, especially during sexual intercourse. Therefore, men may suffer adjustment difficulties and emotional stress after a vasectomy. [1]

A certain side effect of vasectomies tends to be the shifting of hormones, primarily testosterone. Since testosterone distribution has been cut off to where it is normally needed, overwhelmed testosterone metaboites (DHT, 3a-androstanediol, and 3b-Adiol) may build in the prostate. Eventually, the prostate will swell or inflame due to the blockage of metabolites and toxins resulting in the abrasion of the ejaculation valve and sphincter resulting in premature ejaculation.

What is a Vasovasostomy?

Can it restore fertility?

This surgical procedure re-connects back (sewing together) the severed end of the vas deferens allowing the flow of sperm again. There are many reasons that men would like to reverse vasectomy, including chronic pain after vasectomy, re-marriage, or the death of a child. Various medical reports have indicated the success of vasovasostomy ( pregnancy rate) is between 50-76%. High successful rate usually happened for men had vasectomy less than three years.

The sometimes-resultant hormonal imbalance may also lead to prostate growth, exhibiting some traits similar to “Male Menopause”, and reduced your ability to control ejaculation. A good way to realign the hormonal imbalance and expel out the pus inside the prostate glands is to take an herbal formula for natural recovery for prostate and hormonal balance, which contains anti-inflammatory ingredients essential to the damaged penile nerves.

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Vasectomy Danger, Side Effects, & Natural Recovery

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