Premature Ejaculation - Caused by Too Much Caffeine

There have long been debates concerning the negative side effects of coffee and caffeinated beverages have on the heart and digestive system, but now there is link between caffeinated dirnks and heart and digestive system problems regarding sexual functioning. In particular, coffee has been shown to cause premature ejaculation due to the hyper-stimulation of the prostate and increase secretion of ACTH and stress hormones. (Solution: expel out caffeine)

Can coffee be responsible for your premature ejaculation?
For some people, caffeine can have anxiogenic effects inducing anxiety attacks or leading to the development of performance anxiety. This is why it is sometimes difficult to last long during sex after consuming coffee. In fact, some people complain of ejaculating prior to penetration when they drink coffee prior to sex.

Jittery from the First Cup On?
From a physiological point of view, caffeine switches the nervous function from parasympathetic to sympathetic. Since the ability to keep a hard erection and lock the ejaculation valve is powered by the parasympathetic function, weak parasympathetic nerves can result in premature ejaculation. While your mind and body seem more alert and focused after a cup of Joe, you might actually be losing control over an ejaculation.

Content of Caffeine

Average Serving

Coffee: percolated, drip, espresso [100 - 175mg]
Instant and brewed coffee [65 - 135mg]
Tea [30 - 70mg]
Maté [25 - 150mg]
Cola [30 - 45mg]
Energy Drinks [50 - 115mg]
Chocolate Bar [25 - 40mg]
Caffeine Pills [100 - 200mg]
Cold and Pain Relief Tablet [30 - 60mg]

A Warm Cup of Caution
Simply quitting coffee or lowering your consumption is a simple idea. But if you’re a professional coffee drinker and don’t want to quit cold turkey, then there are other solutions. One option is building up the body’s natural defense against premature ejaculations while removing the caffeine buildup through herbal supplements and remedies, which eliminate toxic byproducts from caffeine and strengthen the ejaculatory valve to ward of unwanted explosions of embarrassment.

What to do

Stop Premature Ejaculation By Expelling Excessive Caffeine

Eliminate the toxic byproducts of caffeine that may be causing your premature ejaculation. Read more
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