Premature Ejaculation - Caused by Nervous System Dysfunction & Prescription Drugs

Working as our electronic messaging network, the nervous system encompasses every single part of our body – relaying and receiving information for our brain.

The key to ejaculation control (and one of the best ways to remedy premature ejaculation) is found in a part of your nervous system known as the Parasympathetic Nervous System (half of the Autonomic Nervous System). These nerves within this system control your erection and your ability to delay ejaculation. By learning how you are able to improve and control the bioelectric impulses of your parasympathetic nerves, you may just cure your premature ejaculation. (Solutions: remedy, technique)

Who Turned Off the Lights?
Generally, problems with the parasympathetic nerves are caused by:
  • SSRI & Antidepressants
  • Nerous system dysfunction caused by ADD Drugs & other prescription drugs
  • Weak parasympathetic nerves and ejaculation arc caused by the depletion of essential neurotransmittrers from over-masturbation, or the initiation of masturbatory activity at too young an age
As a result, the testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) receptors increase and overheat your prostate gland, which leads to this blockage of parasympathetic impulses to your penis, thus causing premature ejaculation. In addition, your prostate tissues trap too many stress hormones due to over-working, which contributes to its added power to make you climax even faster. Try Nerve Calming & Repair Solution to restore nerous system imbalance, replenished necessary nutrients for nerve cells repair, and increase liver function to expel toxic compounds derived from prescription drugs.

Antidepressants Have Long Term Harm
Most common prescribed antidepressants are SSRI, Sertraline, Paroxetine, or Fluoxetine often used as a treatment for premature ejaculation. But unbearable side effects and eventual damaged to nervous system might make them as a bad treatment options.

You Have Some Nerve, Buddy!
Your parasympathetic nerves control the muscles responsible for holding together and shutting off your ejaculation valve. At the very same time, your sympathetic nerves (the other half of your Autonomic Nervous System) are stimulating your prostate and muscles to ejaculate. During sex – or any point of arousal – these two impulses are constantly fighting each other. Normally, you are able to stop from “cumming” because your parasympathetic impulses to hold back the reins are stronger than your sympathetic urges to let it all go. But what happens if the parasympathetic nerves are too weak?

When people think about batteries and sex, the first thing that comes to mind is drawn curtains and electronic vibrations. But this isn’t always the case. If you don't have sufficient DC (Direct-Current) bioelectricity in your parasympathetic sexual nerve, you will experience weak erections and premature ejaculation. It causes a communication problem between the brain and the penis because the electric pulses needed to carry instructions to the parasympathetic sexual nerves in your penis are too weak and now the sympathetic nerves that make you ejaculate are stronger. This blockage or retardation of electric current will make maintaining an erection and holding off ejaculation impossible.
Some men notice they have the ability to control their orgasm when they masturbate, but tend to lose control and ejaculate very quickly when having sex. Masturbation is solitary, so no bioelectric pulses are coming from a sexual partner. On the other hand, sexual intercourse is not only the interaction of two physical bodies, but also the coupling of two bioelectric fields. Her bioelectric field from her mouth and vagina directly affect your receptors.
Bioelectric Level
In order to overcome this sexual problem, you have to elevate your bioelectric level in your parasympathetic system. Only a powerful parasympathetic nervous function can keep your ejaculation control valve tight. The key to getting past the low charge and recharging your body and mind is to promote the brain-adrenal-testicular function. You have to free the overabundance of testosterone and DHT, as well as the increased level of stress hormones from your prostate tissues.
This will cause your prostate to enlarge and inevitably reduce your ejaculation control
Even though testosterone is needed to fuel an erection, you don't want too much; its side effects could lead to DHT binding to the prostate tissues. By limiting the stress hormone production you will increase HGH, DHEA, and Nitric Oxide (the erection mediator) levels and promote a harder erection.
Reducing sexual activity (if you do over-masturbate or have an extremely high pattern of sexual activity) is one and possibly the best way of promoting a healthy parasympathetic. Keeping a moderate level of sex and masturbation to two to three times a week allows the body to rest between sessions as well as enabling it to replenish lost nutrients and rid excessive hormones.
Your parasympathetic is not only connected to your ejaculation valve. Problems with other organs and systems in your body can also drain the bioelectric current being produced and used by your parasympathetic nerves. So, general health is a major factor in your ability to power the penis.
Sometimes your body is too weak to repair the damages all by itself. In cases such as these, herbal supplements can be an incredible boost to your healing. They cut down on the time needed for your body to heal and also ease the strain on your bodily resources. Herbs not only replenish nutrients lost to excessive sexual habits, but they also promote a better general state of health.

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