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The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Poor Multi-Tasking Ability - Caused by Over Masturbation

Have you seen people listen to music while studying for an exam? It hardly seems like a practice that would be effective, right? And yet they still get high scores. Somehow they can enjoy the music while reading and retaining the knowledge necessary for them to pass. Unusual? Think of it this way - business executives earn a lot more when they are able to manage multiple projects concurrently.

Most people with a healthy mind can manage several tasks at once and can remain effective. We are living in a faster-paced world. Most of us don’t have enough time or effort to complete all the tasks we want  in a single day. Multi-tasking becomes a necessary ability. But, unfortunately, multi-tasking can drain mental and physical energy. It exhausts the brain, the liver, the heart, the metabolism, the hormonal functions… overall, it drains the essential bio-energy (Qi) of the body.
The severity of hindered multi-tasking ability caused by over masturbation develops in stages. First, at the ‘problematic’ stage, the sufferer experiences a lack of concentration and poor memory recall. The ‘severe’ stage finds him vulnerable to mood swings and vulnerability. The ‘addictive’ stage manifests itself in the form of chronic fatigue and insomnia. The final ‘severely addictive’ stage encompasses all of the aforementioned symptoms, plus an almost debilitating inability to multi-task.

People suffer from mental and sexual exhaustion while depletion of various neurochemicals and neurological messengers hinder the ability to multi-task. Meanwhile, the neurons and simultaneous processing ability in higher achievers help them to re-focus and perform tasks without any delay or error.

Simply put, mental and sexual exhaustion can downgrade your dual-core CPU-like brain to a sluggish single-processor-like brain. Normally, when the brain is trying to process multiple tasks, it divides and conquers, assigning certain amounts of gray matter in the cerebellum to each task automatically and subconsciously. [1][2]

Major Areas Involving Multi-Tasking & Planning [1][2][3]




Prefrontal Cortex Frontal Lobe Task Formation
Medial frontal Cortex Frontal Lobe Dividing Tasks
Posterior Prefrontal Cortex Frontal Lobe Coordinating Tasks
Oculomotor Nuclei Midbrain Activate Eye Muscles
Supplementary Motor Area Frontal Lobe Sequences Movements Into Temporal Patterns

Sexual exhaustion from over masturbation or frequent ejaculation can also result in imbalanced adrenal function, mental and physical drainage of neuron nutrients, and diminished neurotransmitter production. Recent research has found that the anterior of the brain focuses on multiple dissimilar tasks concurrently.
The brain anterior is especially affected when critical neuro-nutrients are depleted and disturbed by increased cortisol levels. As exhaustion persists, worsened symptoms surface such as lack of focus and constant careless mistakes. Sexual desire and drive is also altered as it is lowered tremendously.

If you found your ability to multi-task decreased, take herbs from Brain Foods & Neuron Nutritional Solution For Multi-tasking Skills. The formula is designed to facilitate cerebral metabolism for improved blood flow, increased oxygen utilization and enhanced neurotransmitter production. By improving learning capabilities, elevating mood and intensifying concentration Brian Foods & Neuron Nutritional Solution for Multi-tasking Skills can improve your ability to complete multiple tasks.

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