Penis Shrinkage - Caused by Restrictive Clothing

When boys who wear tight underwear get erections, their normal outward penile growth is restricted. Often, they’ll bend their penises over to one side to hide their perceived embarrassment. This action affects the development of the young penis as blood will flow freely through one side of the spongy tissue while leaving the other side under-nourished, stunting the growth of its penile tissues.

For an analogical example, take two identical members of the same species of fish and place one in a confined tank and the other in an open lake. The fish in the lake will always grow to be bigger, stronger and healthier than the one in the tank, because limited space stunts growth. When the penis and testicles are compressed and restricted within tight underwear, circulation is also limited. Often, this will result in both penis shrinkage and curvature.

Recovering Technique & Solution
If you are suffering from penile shrinkage, try the Penile Girth Growth Technique to boost your size, and take natural ingredients such as Deer Antler that will rejuvenate your penis by providing it with the natural growth factor it needs to stimulate its tissues for growth. Herbs from the Botanical Concoction contain various plant-based amino acids and nutrients that can stimulate the nerve endings and peripheral micro-circulation of the penile tissues for repair and augmentation. These herbs can unlock your potential for a fully restored and even larger penis.

What to do

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