Penis Shrinkage - Caused by Penile Injury

Ray Elbe was accustomed to the career hazards--broken bones, bruised muscles and even facial scaring. Life as an MMA fighter will come with these added risks. But his most famous injury didn’t occur inside the ring—it happened in the bedroom. According to reports, Elbe was having sex with his girlfriend when he broke his penis. He suffered intense bleeding and pain. But his mettle was tested, and again, he proved to defeat the odds by making a full recovery.

According to the Urology Care Foundation, “when not erect, injury to the penis is rare because of the mobility and flexibility of the organ.” And while Elbe suffered moderate damage to his penis, an erect and ridge penis damaged by intercourse, cock rings and sex toys can lead to impotence, penile curvature and even penile shrinkage.
Penile Shrinkage Explained
While flaccid,  the spongy tubes of the penis, called the corpora cavernosa, remain soft. When blood enters these tubes, the sponge-like tissues achieve a hard-like state to create an erection. When the penis experiences an injury to the tubes, arteries or tissue cells, blood flow becomes impeded. With a decrease in blood and an increase in scar tissue from the injury, the penis experiences two problems:
  1. A buildup of plaque that prevents blood from entering the chambers
  2. A buildup of inelastic scar tissue that stops the arteries from increasing in size within the fibrous sheath of the erectile chambers
Both issues, according to Dr. Irwin Goldstein, director of medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, says will lead to penile shrinkage.


Can Surgery Reverse Injury and Shrinkage? Yes, but most doctors recommend non-surgical management first, including cold compresses, pressure dressing and anti-inflammatory medications.
What Are Other Known Causes of Penile Shrinkage? Shrinkage can occur because of weight, age, hormonal imbalances and excessive masturbation.
Can Surgery Reverse Injury and Shrinkage? Penile enlargement techniques vary, but some focus on increasing the length or width of the penis for maximum results.

Herbal Solutions
Penile injuries require time and patience to make a full recovery. When collated with shrinkage, the male ego can remain in a dilapidated state of depression. And according to Urology Care Foundation, injuries to the penis can lead to other complication including: infections; erectile dysfunction due to blockage of blood supply to the penis; and penile curvature because of plaque buildup. Men looking to reverse shrinkage and to heal from a penile injury will require the following:
  • Dissolving collagen scaring and plaque buildup that impedes the flow of blood
  • Acquiring nutrients to heal bruising and nerve-ending damage that prevents the flow of blood
  • Sustaining a firm erection to allay impotence and erectile dysfunction
  • Increasing the production of HGH, dopamine, DHT, testosterone and acetylcholine to the penile tissues for growth and healing
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While sex remains the most common cause for penile injuries, sex toys, including cock rings, and penile enlargement devices, such as penis pumps, can damage the tissue and nerve endings of the penis. With these areas of the penis damaged, males can experience a sudden decrease in blood flow and an increase in scar tissue that leads to penile injuries.
If you experienced an injury like Ray Elbe did, seek immediate help. Studies indicate that the longer you wait to treat your injury, the higher your risk of causing permanent damage to your penis.

What to do

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