Penis Pain & Injury - Caused by Broken Penis Syndrome

A penis fractures typically occur when the erect penis suffers trauma, resulting in rupture of the cylinder linings. A penile fracture is a painful injury, accompanied by an audible cracking sound, dark bruising and blood escaping from the breached cylinder.

Most often, a Broken Penis Syndrome injury occurs during intercourse, forceful masturbation or after improper use of penis enlargement devices. In fact, intercourse is an all-too common cause of fractures, accounting for anywhere between 30-50 percent of all cases. Fractures tend to occur while the partner is on top, creating an impact against the female pelvis bone or perineum that bends and fractures the penis.

Signs of Injury
Broken Penis Syndrome is an almost unmistakable injury. In fact, a misdiagnosis is virtually impossible. Signs of injury include:
  • Cracking sound signaling the fracture of the penis
  • Pain near the fracture
  • Black and blue brusing of the penis
  • Bleeding near the fracture
  • Loss of an erection 
Internal Damage
Think of your penis as a metaphorical balloon that expands with the pressure and presence of blood. The chambers of the penis hold the blood, while the neurotransmitters stimulate the penis to maintain the blood inside the chambers. When a fracture occurs, the tissue cells, nerve endings and penile chambers suffer from bruising. The chambers can no longer maintain blood, while the tissue and nerve endings cannot provide the penis with the necessary stimulation to pump and maintain blood.
Tissue cells and nerve endings act as telephone wires between the brain and the penis. When these lines are severed, the body cannot communicate with this area of the penis. Dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine, all necessary neurotransmitters that stimulate the penis, cannot reach the penis. Meanwhile, the body cannot repair the penis because of a lack of nutrients regular food contains. But, all-natural supplements can provide the essential nutrients for tissue, nerve ending and blood vessel repair needed for a healthy erection.   

What to do

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