Penis Curvature - Caused by Injury

Penis injuries can occur while experimenting with dangerous sex positions, leading to Peyronie's Disease. During the heat of passion, couples often do not  consider the potential safety risks. There are many dangerous sex positions that can result in penis injury. Oddly enough, it is the oft-used Woman-On-Top position that is responsible for the highest rate of penile trauma.
Often with penile injuries, it is acute or repetitive trauma (hitting or bending) that causes localized bleeding inside the penis. This leads to fibrin deposition (scar tissue) in the tissue of the area that receives the injury. Also, the trauma can cause collagen to become trapped. Trapped collagen can lead to pathologic fibrosis – the formation of calcium deposits.
Depending on the severity of the injury, the recovery and rejuvenation of penile tissues can be reinforced by taking herbal remedies along with Huiyin penis massage that stimulates penile tissue growth and renewal. Herbal supplements can act as natural steroids to improve the recovery of damaged soft tissue and blood vessels. In addition, herbal remedies elevate the production of testosterone-like substances to help men maintain an erection after injury has occurred. If you notice your penis beginning to curve, take action now to stop the injury from damaging your sex life permanently. 

What to do

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