Painful Ejaculations: Understanding the Causes of an Uncommon Issue

The last thing you expect to experience during an orgasm is pain, but it’s the one thing you continue to feel. It starts off small, and gradually progresses to a stinging, pulsating feeling around your testicles and abdomen. The pain irritates, and often makes you avoid engaging in sex because of the discomfort. And the causes can vary from testicle inflammation to discomfort of the prostate. For men with prostate inflammation, known as Prostatitis, sex can go from pleasurable to painful.
Explaining the Pain
The prostate provides semen with the white, alkaline liquid to help sperm survive the acidity level of the vagina. Prior to an ejaculation, the prostate will inject the alkaline liquid and sperm into the urethra. But when a prostate becomes inflamed, just like an inflamed muscle or tissue, the contractions of the prostate and bladder muscles will cause pain. Each ejaculation will lead to the stinging, often pulsating pain associated with Prostatitis. And while not all males will experience the discomfort, some will.

The pain can too be caused by the blockage to any part of the ejaculatory system, i.e. vas deferens, urethra, ejaculatory duct and seminal vesicle. And because Prostatitis tends to grow the prostate, effectively blocking the urethra, males can notice discomfort during an ejaculation. Other causes for pain can include 
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Psychological issues 
  • Post-surgery pain
  • Nerve damage in the penis
Finding a Suitable Solution for the Pain
Pollen, known as the most common cause for allergies, can provide a cure to the discomforting pain associated with Prostatitis. According to studies, pollen contains an anti-inflammatory agent that quells pain and relaxes the surrounding muscles inside the prostate and ejaculatory system. With the help of pollen, males can reduce the pain and discomfort after a few weeks of taking the extract. So if you’ve noticed pain after your ejaculations, you might be suffering from a common side effect of Prostatitis.

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