Painful Ejaculation - Caused by Prostatitis

Prostatitis was the term coined for men with prostate inflammation, not related to age, but to excessive use. The condition too causes ejaculation disorders, from early ejaculation to painful ejaculations. In the last few decades, cases of Prostatitis have increased, not just in elderly men, but in young adults.

Men as young as 30 have reported signs of Prostatitis, including painful ejaculations and difficulty urinating. The reason for the increase: online pornography.

The advancement in visual entertainment has made it easier for men to get a hold of pornography, providing them with more desire to masturbate. It’s no surprise that young adults suffering from the Addictive & Severe Addiction Stages of sexual exhaustion simultaneously experience painful and premature ejaculations.
Prostatitis & Painful Ejaculation Linkage
Dr. Muller from New York’s Presbyterian Hospital has indicated that the condition of Prostatitis combined with erectile dysfunction accounts for a significant number of visits to urology clinics. He confirms that the combination of ailments impairs the overall quality of life for men. Meanwhile, Dr. Sonmez has reported that age, symptom period, or symptom score are not risk factors, abusive masturbation is a risk factor for painful ejaculations and urinary issues. [1] [2]

Because Prostatitis is actuated by inflammation, most men who experience the condition often over masturbate or over ejaculate from sex. Too much over masturbation or sex can cause Prostatitis. Men with Prostatitis often experience an increase in DHT, cortisol and prostaglandin E2, inflammatory and stress hormones that further enflame the prostate. Men who experience inflammation often cannot urinate properly or ejaculate well. Peeing becomes painful, while climaxing becomes iritating.

Healing Solutions
The prostate is inflamed. Sex and masturbation are the culprits, and DHT, cortisol and prostaglandin E2 are the actuators of the inflammation. These three chemicals must be controlled to lower the inflammation. For instance, Dianthus contains antipyretic properties known to heal urinary pains associated with Prostatitis, while Pygeum, Saw Palmetto, Ophiopogon and Quercetin can together minimize DHT.

If Prostatitis continues to cause painful ejaculations, try Exhaustion Recovery for Your Prostate to help minimize cortisol, prostaglandin E2 and DHT production.  

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What to do

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