Male Orgasm Dysfunction - Caused by Testicular Injury

An injury to the testicles is among the most painful of all. Such an injury carries with it a number of unpleasant side effects such as vomiting and an upset stomach. Typically, an injury will heal itself in a relatively short period of time as the pain disappears. In more severe cases, however, medical attention and sometimes surgery is required.

Erection Quality Deteriorated
What is not commonly known, however, is that regardless of the severity of the testicular injury, other adverse aftereffects can occur unnoticed. Testosterone production can be severely diminished, leading to weaker, soft erections. As a result, the injury-sufferer may find that they are no longer able to achieve orgasm, or they do so only after having great difficulty reaching it. A psychological backlash from these disorders often develops in the form of depression and anxiety.

Lower Desire
One of the most surprising symptoms that is not always attributed to testicular injury is an overall decrease in sex drive. Many times, one may not even be aware that their sex drive has been affected. But when he compares the frequency of sexual activity before and after the injury, there is quite often an extreme and noticeable discrepancy.

Natural Self Help
Male orgasm dysfunction due to testicular injury is not the end of the world, thankfully. Men who experience orgasm dysfunction may want to try both Orgasm Disorder Herbal Remedy and Male Orgasm Intensifier Tincture, both provide enhanced sensitivity, enhanced nitric oxide production, and improved blood flow for better orgasms and erections. 

What to do

Orgasm Disorder Herbal Remedy For Men

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Male Orgasm Intensifier Tincture

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