Male Infertility - Caused by Testicular Injury

The testicles are extremely sensitive organs.  A minor strike to them can produce excruciating pain. More importantly to note, injuries can jeopardize the health and functionality of the testicles, possibly leading to male infertility. Therefore, testicle pain warrants immediate examination and treatment.

Sudden damage to the scrotum and testicles can produce a number of unpleasant side effects such as vomiting and an upset stomach. Sometimes, a testicular injury will heal itself in a relatively short period of time and the pain disappears. In more severe cases, medical attention, even surgery, is often required.

Sperm Production Traumatized
What is not commonly known is that regardless of the severity of the testicular injury, other adverse aftereffects can occur unnoticed. Sperm production can be profoundly affected. This severe development is often due to scar tissues or fibrous tissue formation inside the testicles, hidden consequences of the previous trauma. As the tissue of the testicles callous, the usual abundance of sperm that is produced becomes hindered, depleting their numbers in varying degrees sometimes resulting in complete male infertility.

Testicles Shrunk
When precipitated by injury, testicle shrinkage (aka testicular atrophy), will often adversely affect functions resulting in low sperm count or unhealthy sperms. When shrinkage and atrophy are resultant of the normal aging process it is usually to no ill effect. Testicles are made of germ cells that transform into sperm and ‘Leydig’ cells for the production of testosterone. If testicle atrophy caused by injury affects the germ cells, it, too, can cause a man to be sterile.

Despite the potentially dire consequences of testicular injury, infertility as a result does not have to be something one has to live with. Men with fertility problems may want to try Walking Sperm Bank and Raw Orchic Supplementation, formulas that contain nutrients and all-natural ingredients that help improve a man's fertility.  

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