Male Infertility - Caused by Seminal Leakage

Naturally, the more semen you ejaculate, the more sperm it accommodates, and thus the likelihood of having a child increases. But if you suffer from seminal leakage, your semen supply is rapidly depleted, and your chances of conceiving are reduced greatly.

Semen leakage is a sign of the weakening of the parasympathetic sexual nerve that keeps the ejaculation valve shut that holds an erection. If allowed to deteriorate, even maintaining an erection will eventually become a problem.

Men who experience weak erections often rely on the tightening of the PC muscles in order to stay hard. This puts added stress on the prostate gland and trains the PC muscles to contract, mimicking a state of orgasm that will open the ejaculation valve prematurely, allowing semen to leak. This contributes to seminal leakage. A firm erection is helpful when it comes to fighting premature ejaculation and seminal leaking, though many men may experience leakage when they are flaccid.

By improving the health of the penis and the parasympathetic nerves by feeding the tissues with nutrients and hormones, thereby strengthening the ejaculate valve, a man can overcome seminal leakage and no doubt conquer the infertility problems associated with it.

Comprised of potent herbs, one of the best natural formulas for fighting seminal leakage in relation to infertility is Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan, which provides herbs that help calm the ejaculatory valve and hyper-sensitive nerves that lead to seminal leakage.  If you enjoy cooking, have fun while accelerating the process of recovery from weak parasympathetic nerves by treating yourself to delicious healing herbal cuisines such as Herbal Beef Stew For Semen Leakage.

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