Male Infertility - Caused by Low Sperm Count

In the last couple of decades, a rise of male infertility has been reported. Why? Sperm counts and levels of viable healthy sperm have become significantly lower in men. Many experts believe that dramatic declining sperm counts are the result of over exposure to environmental toxins such as pseudo estrogen substances found in pesticides, dairy and meat products, and sometimes even in our water sources.

Highly toxic substances can interrupt proper DNA replications or cause mutations. Despite such cryptic possibilities, a low sperm count is typically due to natural deficiencies and is easily treatable.

Causes of Low Sperm Count

Emotional Stress Stress may interfere with the hormone GnRH, HGH, and reduce sperm counts.
Sexual Exhaustion Excessive masturbation and ejaculation can deplete essential growth factors and hormones for sperm production. Exhausted body will not produce healthy sperm.
Testicle Overheating It can temporarily lower sperm count. Constant exposure to an environment that is overheated can often impair fertility.
Illegal Drugs Cocaine or heavy marijuana use appears to temporarily reduce the number and quality of sperm by as much as 50%. These illegal drugs often impair sperm mobility thus prevent fertilization.
Smoking Smoking reduces sperm count, sperm motility, reduces sperm lifespan, and oxidative toxins can damage DNA inside the sperm cells.
Malnutrition Deficiencies in certain nutrients, such as vitamin C, selenium, zinc, and folate, may be particular risk factors for low sperm count. People with malnutrition often have lower sex drives.
Obesity Obesity and testicle shrinkage is linked. Exact causes are not yet known.
Bicycling Bicycling has been linked to impotence in men and also may affect the sperm count. Pressure from the bike seat may damage blood vessels and nerves that are responsible for erections. Extreme shocks and vibrations during bike rides increase the risk for injuries to the scrotum.

Genetic Causes
Genetic causes of infertility are often hereditary, with the passing of genes that are detrimental to sperm production or susceptible to environmental dangers. For example, inherited disorders such as testicle defects can impair fertility. Other genetic problems can reduce life span or overall chance of survival, as well as hinder the ability to produce offspring.

Exhaustion Causes
Started masturbation before puberty or masturbated abusively take away the nutrients for proper testicle growth. HGH, neurotransmitters, testosterone, and various growth factors are often wasted and depleted to produce sperms which would be wasted through excessive ejaculation frequency.

Watery semen, low secretion of precum, and droplets of semen produced during ejaculation are often an indication that you are suffering from Severe Addictive Stage of sexual exhaustion. Replenishment of herbal nutrients are needed to prevent producing unhealthy sperms or damaged testicular functions.

Environmental Causes
Pollutants, infections, and chemical toxins are common environmental assailants of male fertility. Exposure to dangerous chemicals can cause cancer and reduce sperm count in the production of male sex hormones as well as adversely affect testicular functions.

Common environmental toxins that harm sperm production are:
  • Pesticides found in foods: DDT, PCP, Dioxin, Furans, Aldrin, and Dieldrin
  • Plastic softening chemicals: Hydrocarbons, Ethylbenzene, Toluene, Xylene, Phthalates, and Benzene  
  • Heavy Metals: lead, cadmium, and arsenic
Other Casuses
Radiation treatments and radiation exposure from x-rays in hospital environments can critically affect any rapidly dividing cell. The cells that produce sperm are quite sensitive to such damage. Even somewhat common conditions as testicular varicose veins may result in male infertility.

What to do

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