Intercourse Pain - Caused by a Tipped Uterus

Sex is supposed to be a very pleasurable activity.  But for many women, sex can be quite uncomfortable and even painful.  There are many reasons for intercourse pain, but one that most women are unaware of is a tipped or tilted uterus.

The uterus is normally suspended in a straight up and down position or slightly forward toward the belly.  A tipped uterus, or tilted uterus, is the term used to describe a uterus that is tilted backwards away from the belly, affecting approximately 20% of women.

Most women with a tipped uterus do not experience any problems.  However, some women experience pain during sexual intercourse when the penis hits the cervix or uterus during sex, a condition known as collision dyspareunia.  Women may also suffer pain during menstruation (dysmenorrhea) or experience infertility because of a tipped uterus, causing disruption to a women's life. 

Other symptoms may include minor incontinence, urinary tract infections, and difficulty using tampons.  A tipped uterus may occur for several reasons, including natural shifting as a woman ages, pregnancy, scarring from adhesions as a result of endometriosis, surgery or fibroids.

Physiological Restoration
Pain caused from a tipped uterus can be alleviated by increasing the synthesis of the hormone Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) and reducing the synthesis of the inflammatory hormone Prostaglandin E-2 (PGE-2) in the tissues.

PGE-1 strengthens the elasticity and relaxation of the tissue, nervous fiber, joint and ligaments and prevents tissue and nerve abrasion while PGE-2 damages and degenerates the tissues, nerves and joints, weakens neuro-immunity, causes muscular and nervous pain, and even promotes cancer. 

Increasing PGE-1 production and reducing PGE-2 production in the tissues can improve tissue quality, nervous elasticity and blood circulation.  This helps to prevent intercourse pains and heal tissue and nerve damage from excessive sex, over-masturbation, and use of vibrators, water jets, and shower jets. 

It also boosts spongy tissue erection in the vagina and clitoris, rejuvenates the natural vaginal lubrication mechanism, narrows down the vaginal canal and strengthens the uterine-support ligaments and muscles for restoring a prolapsed or titled uterus.

Natural Solutions
Depending on your age and physical conditions, synergized healing herbs from Female Restorex can help you treat pains and cramps associated with PMS, menstruation, intercourse or orgasm, gradually improving the strength of your uterine-support ligaments and muscles for lifting up your uterus and cervix again. 

These combined herbs, Evening Primrose Oil, Ginkgo, Licorice, Dong quai, American ginseng, and Black Cohosh relieve intercourse pain thus providing a soothing healing effects.

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