Impotence - Caused by Unhealthy Diet

In the early ‘90s, the term “You are what you eat” was coined. In the post-golden age of the fitness boom, the term actuated better health choices among Americans. The saying appeared on commercials, radio ads and even on posters. Greasy, high-calorie foods were collated together to showcase the dangers of poor eating habits. Many ads used high-calorie meals juxtaposing their effects on body weight, energy levels and stress.
What the ads never showcased was the dangers poor diet choices had on sex. Your body may indeed be a reflection of what you feed it, but so is your sex life. High-calorie foods can impede your sexual desires, while high-cholesterol meals can block the proper flow of blood that lead to impotence.

Overeating and Obesity
Never go on a diet. Ever. A large percentage of Americans diet to lose weight. But dieting offers little help, especially for your sex life. Here’s why:
Dieting helps you lose weight, but once you meet your goals (or not), you return to your old eating habits. Dieting does not commit a man to making permanent lifestyle choices. Instead, a man attempts to make temporary changes to meet his diet goals.

But why are proper lifestyle choices so important?

Let’s say Frankie, who is 100 pounds overweight, overeats four-times a week. In response to the excess sugar, carbohydrate and cholesterol levels, the liver produces an enzyme called aromatase. Now, Frankie has been eating poorly for years, so his liver has been producing excess aromatase for decades. Aromatase, an enzyme that promotes testosterone-estrogen conversion, lowers the body’s testosterone levels and increases estrogen production. So while Frankie was eating five or six slices of pizza in one sitting, his body was producing excess aromatase, which caused him gynecomastia (“man boobs”) and added belly fat.
Meanwhile, his pituitary glands were releasing more prolactin and less oxytocin. Prolactin acts as a seesaw that balances the effects of dopamine, a chemical responsible for arousal. If prolactin remains too high, the chemical dilutes the effects of dopamine so much that the body cannot produce enough arousal for an erection. Simultaneously, oxytocin levels see a reduction, causing a decrease in erectile capacity. When prolactin levels rise while oxytocin levels are reduced, the body produces less testosterone and nitric oxide, two essential chemicals used to stimulate the penis.

Frankie's poor eating habits also alter the adrenal gland's function. The gland starts to produce more cortisol, a hormone that lowers erectile capacity, while lowering DHEA and HGH production that too lead to sexual exhaustion/impotence.

Dangers of High-Carb Diets
Simple carbohydrates, such as chips, white bread and cookies, contain little nutritious value. Yes, many of these simple carbs offer tasty treats, but when eaten in excess, they can raise the sugar and cholesterol levels to induce more insulin production. Higher blood sugar levels means more human growth hormone production, increased erectile tissue damage, and elevated risk for thin and harden erectile vessels. Junk food also causes high levels of Omega-6 fats. Too much Omega-6 fats in the diet, without the necessary Omega-3 levels, causes an excess production of inflammatory metabolites that lead to erectile dysfunction. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Remember, the penis is similar to a car: proper maintenance keeps it running. Damaged tissue and vessels stymies the flow of blood, while high prolactin and estrogen levels lower the body’s testosterone levels needed for proper sexual stimulation. 

Diet Changes
To maintain the proper balance of hormones necessary for sexual function, make lifestyle changes, not diet modifications. Lifestyle changes will ensure you eat well-balanced meals that contain unprocessed carbohydrates, lean proteins and unsaturated fats. If your poor eating habits have caused you to become overweight or obese, you too may be suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and onset diabetes. Each of these health concerns ages your arteries and damages erectile tissues. If you suffer from weak erections linked to your diet, Anti-Aging Solution for Erectile Tissues can replenish vitality, strengthen the liver and enhance the penile tissue.

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