Impotence - Caused by Stress & Performance Anxiety

It’s normal for virgins to be fearful or stressed about having sex. Men and women often fear sex will be painful. Some men worry that they’ll be too small for their partners’ satisfaction; some women fear they will be ill perceived while naked. When it comes to sex, both men and women share equal fears. Fear or worry too much and sex can become a cumbersome, awkward journey filled with flaccid penises and high frustration levels.

Some men become too stressed about sex. They worry about the length, width and shape of their penises. They fear their endurance will be below average. They brood over their technique, often studying porno films for added moves. Some men become so stressed and anxious that when it comes time to have sex, they’re too afraid to engage in it.

The Pituitary Influence
The pituitary gland weighs less than 5 grams, but this pea-sized gland secretes hormones that control growth, blood pressure, thyroid gland and sex organ functions. When the pituitary gland works properly, men and women experience steady growth and proper sex organ function. When the gland malfunctions, the body starts to experience abnormal weight gain, extreme height growth (or no growth at all) and lack of sex organ control.

During stress, the gland produces an excess of adrenaline from the adrenal glands. When the adrenal gland becomes altered, cortisol and testosterone production too become changed. Drastic changes to testosterone can stymie communication inside the body, causing impotence. Meanwhile, high cortisol levels can leave a man always feeling stressed that leads to a damaged pituitary gland. When the body and brain cannot produce the necessary chemicals for sex, impotence will occur. 

High Stress Equals Low Omega-3 Levels
According to recent research, men who live in high-stress, demanding environment have low omega-3 levels. When omega-3 experiences a reduction, the body cannot produce enough serotonin for cell junctions and nerve endings. When serotonin levels are reduced, nerve and hormonal interactions alternate, resulting in various degrees of erectile dysfunctions. Because 8 percent of the brains' weight is comprised of omega-3 fatty acids, the chemical serve as a vital building block for billions of neurons.

So...Why am I Stressed?
Stress can occur for a number of reasons. Some men can worry about work-related issues; others, school or family members. Whether its work, school or the children, stress-induced impotence can come from a number of avenues. Stress can build up over time as well. You may be stressed about work, concerned about money and worried about your mortgage. A few days later, your car ends up breaking, and you have no real means of paying for the repairs to get you to your high-stress job to pay for the huge mortgage payment due in a few days. Consistently high levels of stress from work, school, family or personal problems can alter the pituitary gland, lower omega-3 levels and cause stress-induced impotence. (See The Secret Behind: Happier Mood and Harder Erection with Fresh Catch Fish Oils).

The Brain Game
You can do anything you put your mind too or fail by not putting your mind to it. Anxiety and stress can block the mind from concentrating. Stress can worry men about personal issues, while anxiety can overexcite the nerves in the body. When combined, men can worry that they’ll be inadequate at sex. Compounded by other feelings such as guilt, depression or even boredom, these anxious reactions can result in psychological impotence, the inability to achieve or maintain an erection due to psychological or physiological causes.

The majority of men experience impotence caused by stress or anxiety at least once in their lives. When men react to an isolated episode by becoming extremely self-conscious, then the issues becomes a problem. Occasional episodes of impotence are normal. Depression, problems with relationships, general fatigue and even certain medications may all contribute to symptoms of psychological impotence. Learning to relax, practicing meditation techniques and taking herbal supplements to find peace.

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