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In an anti-smoking ad, scientists stipulated that adults knew the dangers of smoking but hardly would quit. But how would adults feel about children who smoked? In a commerical bit, an 8-year-old boy walks up to an adult with a cigarette in his hand. The boy candidly smiles and pulls out his own cigarette. He asks the adult, “Hey, you got a light?” Appalled by the boy’s question, the adult tells the young boy, “Hey, smoking is bad for you!”
The young boy determined for a light seeks out other would-be smokers. In each instance, the boy is warned about the dangers of smoking. After the adults say no, the boy hands each of them a note with the words, “Don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself. Reminding yourself of the dangers of smoking is the best way to quit.”
Many adults realize the impact of smoking but fail to act. While most adults remain aware of the common side effects of smoking--increased risk of lung cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol and poor circulation--few know about the dangers tobacco has on sex.

Tobacco’s Impact on the Body
Each puff of tobacco deposits chemicals into the arteries that block blood circulation to the penis. Similar to a water hose being constricted, the arteries experience added pressure and plaque blockage that reduces the flow of blood. When mixed with aged arteries, the body cannot receive enough blood flow to power an erection


Not only does smoking increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, it too alters the body’s chemistry by upsetting serotonin production. When serotonin levels decline, parasympathetic nerve responses lose strengthen. Think of the parasympathetic nerves inside the penis as pressure points. When stimulated, the pressure points open the ejaculatory valve to experience sensation for an orgasm. Meanwhile, the stimulation will help excite the penis for an erection. When no serotonin is present, the nerves cannot receive enough stimulation to power an erection. Meanwhile, the weakened nerves cannot keep the ejaculatory valve closed to hold an ejaculation.

Herbs to Alter the Damage of Tobacco
Tobacco's damage on the body can ruin a man’s sexual health. Quitting is the first step to recovery, regaining your erectile strength after years of abuse requires time. Thanks to all-natural supplements, males can regain their abilities to perform at an optimal level.

Herba Cistanche, Tribulus Terrestis, Lycium Fruit, Glycyrrhizae Radix (Licorice), Mucuna Pruiens, and Rehmannia Glutinosa are often added to the natural solution to detox the body from tobacco while repairing penile tissues. These herbs are also effective at improving sexual dysfunction in men with abnormal nitric oxide metabolism caused by low serotonin levels. Sexual performance can improve as well as replenish vitality.

Results from natural remedies vary from person to person, but once you start to calm the nerves, you will have the confidence to regain your erections.

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Natural Solutions For Smoking & Impotence

Dump tobacco and keep your sex life. Smoking is the leading cause for Youth Impotence especially for those that start smoking at a younger age. If you were addicted to smoking cigarette, quit NOW. Smoking cigarette can cause lung cancer and heart... Read more
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