Impotence - Caused by Anti-Depressant Drugs

Millions of people suffer from depression. The various causes can range anywhere between psychological problems to an unhealthy diet. Instead of trying to address the root causes of depression, many doctors simply prescribe SSRIs -- antidepressants that improve mood. SSRI negatively affect all aspects of the human sexual response cycle, including altering neurotransmitter functions, such as nitric oxide, serotonin, acetylcholine, dopamine, norepinephrine and prolactin.

Side Effects of SSRI
Anti-depressants reduce the production of nitric oxide, which reduces blood flow that leads to a flaccid penis. (Learn: Natural Ways To Restore Serotonin & Nitric Oxide)

By increasing the inhibition of serotonin recycle, excessive amounts of serotonin  interact with other dopaminergic and cholinergic receptors that have negative influences on sex-related functions. For example, SSRI drugs elevate prolactin production, leading to a pituitary functional disorder called HyperProlactimia. High levels of prolactin in your bloodstream or any blockage of parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves will prevent an erection.[1],[2],[6]

Other side effects included: Gastrointestinal (GI) disturbances, nausea, agitation, sleep problems and weight gain.[3],[7]

How SSRIs Interfere with Neurotransmitters

SSRIs interfere with production of other neurotransmitters and hormones by overloading the liver's P45 detoxification system. SSRIs block the spinal nervous transmission in the synapses with a flooding of serotonin due to its reuptake inhibition action. In addition, SSRIs alternate the gene expression of the dopamine D2, acetylcholine, and 5-HT (serotonin) 2C receptors, disabling erectile nervous functions in the penis.

Natural Ways To Replenish Serotonin
Scientists are looking into how lower levels of Omega-3 can affect the molecular mechanism of serotonin at the nerve cell junctions, which can explain the linkage of depression and low concentration of Omega-3. Recent autopsies revealed that people who have committed or attempted suicide have very low Omega-3 levels in the brains and lower levels of DHA and EPA in the blood. More molecular research evidence has shown that Omega-3 fatty acids play a role in moving serotonin to cell junctions. Regardless, the concentration of serotonin does not function properly with Omega-3 missing. [2] [3] [4] [5]

Besides serotonin levels, the body needs enough acetylcholine and dopamine to return back to a balanced state. Take the herbal blend of Cnidium, Tongkat Ali, Schisandra Berry, Rehmannia Glutinosa, Epimedium and Herba Cistanchi that complements Omega-3 to increase testosterone levels, acetylcholine, dopamine and nitric oxide production. These powerful erectile enhancing herbs work synergistically with Omega fatty acids in fish oils to increase serotonin and testosterone levels together, so you can start seeing the return of erectile firmness.

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