Impotence - Caused by Aging Arteries

Progressive atherosclerosis can develop with no signs of cardiovascular disease. As you age so too do your arteries. When arteries become old, they turn inelastic, causing blod clots and impeding blood flow. Men with unhealthy diets, high cholesterol, cellular debris and fatty deposits increase their risk for atherosclerotic plaque, which can block the flow of oxygen and nutrients to tissues cells, especially inside the penis and testis resulted in unsustainable erectile dysfunction.

Oxidative damage, LDL deposits and triglycerides metabolites damage arteries, leading to a condition known as Peripheral Arterial Disease that traps metabolic byproducts. When arteries become constricted, the local blood flow cannot recieve enough nitric oxide to sustain an erection. [1]

Symptoms of Aging Arteries include:
  • Numbness, weakness or heaviness in the muscles
  • Painful cramping of the leg muscles
  • Changes in the color of the skin
  • Hair loss
  • Unhealed toe and foot sores
How It Happens
According to recent research, the inner arterial wall (endotherlium) becomes damaged, and any toxic substances circulating in the blood will pass through the endothelial cell layer oxidizing inside. This oxidation will induce chronic inflammation that can result in the thickening of the blood vessel walls, which can affect the blood supply to the brain and lead to a stroke. Since a firm erection exhibits signs of healthy blood circulation, poor erection quality serves as an indicator of poor cardiovascular circulation.

Factors of Accelerating Artery Aging
Poor lifestyles and stressful conditions, i.e., unhealthy diets, lack of exercise and smoking, can induce oxidative stress, accelerate aging and create plaque formation inside the arteries. Other known factors that induce aging include:  
  1. Excessive LDL and oxidized LDL
  2. Excessive glucose and insulin
  3. Low DHA and EPA inside the blood
  4. Excessive C-reactive protein
  5. Low nitric oxide
  6. Low vitamin D and K
  7. Higher blood pressure
  8. Excess homocysteine
  9. Excess fibrinogen
  10. Low testosterone
  11. Excess triglycerides
  12. Excess estrogen
  13. Low HDL
Natural Solutions
Men suffering from erectile dysfunction because of stiff, aged penile arteries may not respond well to E.D. drugs. Erection boosters and penile pumps create temporary effects and do not guarantee an erection will stay hard throughout sex.

Think of arteries like pressured hosepipes. Old hosepipes are likely to be stiff and leaky. Now think of HDL cholesterol as patches for leaky hosepipe holes. Men with poor diets and high LDL levels cannot impede aging arteries. If aging arteries continue to damage your sexual abilities, remedies such as Anti-Aging Herbal Remedies for Arteries and Erection Problems can protect the arteries, reverse damage of bad cholesterol and boost nitric oxide.

  1. ^Osika W, Dangardt F, Gronros J, et al. Increasing peripheral artery intima thickness from childhood to seniority. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2007 Mar;27(3):671-6.

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