Foul Penis Smell

Wake up and smell the fishes, not the roses. Every day, millions of men wake up and do just that—they smell the fishes. The source of the acrid smell isn’t a man’s mouth or a man’s feet—the smell exudes from a man’s penis. And like an air-freshener made of fish, sweat and unwashed hair, the scent fills a man’s underwear to create a foul concoction.
The trace of the smell can be attributed to the lack of hygiene, but skin infections too can signify the repugnant odor radiating from a man’s boxer briefs. And the problem is not limited to uncircumcised males, oh no, the issue too occurs to males who are circumcised.
Explaining The Scent
Every day, the body sheds its skin. The trait serves as the body’s biological response for preventing disease. And according to scientist, the average human sheds 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells an hour, and in a 24-hour period that estimate nears a million skin cells. That’s a lot of skin. Your penis too contributes to this total, and the shedding meant to prevent disease can actually cause the spread of infection.
According to Dr. David King, acrid smells around the penis occur because of a buildup of dead skin that attracts bacteria. The buildup of bacteria leads to that fishy scent that makes your boxers reek like an old can of tuna rather than a fresh sausage link. For uncircumcised males, especially, the risk of fishy smelling genitals increases. According to one survey conducted on British boys, 80 percent of uncircumcised boys reported poor hygiene of the penis, compared to 20 percent of circumcised boys who reported poor hygiene.
But the scent is not limited to poor hygiene. Males can contract the foul odor because of a yeast infection or urinary tract infection and similar to the scent caused by poor hygiene, the infection may occur because of lack of cleanliness. It has been known that some men might infected with bacterial vaginosis, gardnerella, or trichomonas from their sexual partners.
Eliminating the Odor
Proper hygiene, penile and anti-fungal creams help eliminate the odor, and men who moisturize and clean regularly underneath their foreskin will notice a decrease in the acrid odor resonating from their penises. For circumcised men, especially, routinely cleaning a penis improved the smell and prevented bacteria...(Do you have smelly foreskin?)
Helpful Tips for Eliminating Odor
  • Dry skin surrounding the penile gland can cause fissures that irritate the skin
  • Use moisturizers containing vitamin E to prevent dehydration
  • Shea butter can provide a suitable candidate to moisturize the penis
  • Vitamin A provides natural anti-bacterial properties to stop the odor caused by bacteria
  • Vitamin C can boost the immune system to prevent disease from growing on the penis
  • Wash it with Tea Tree Oil
However, poor hygiene is not the only cause for the foul odor, yeast infections too can lead to that repugnant stench. Men who contract yeast infections will too need to perform regular cleaning to eliminate the odor, and in some cases, will need to apply medicated cream to eliminate bacteria. The cream kills the yeast bacteria while creating a dry environment to prevent the growth the infection.

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