Female Overactive Bladder - Caused by Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial cystitis is a urinary bladder disease characterized by urinary frequency and urgency as well as pressure or pain in the bladder or pelvis.  Pain typically increases as the bladder fills and reduces after urination.  However, sometimes pain is experienced with urination, often in the urethra.  There may be difficulty in starting the urine stream and discomfort driving, traveling or working.  What's more, many people suffering from interstitial cystitis experience pain with sexual intercourse.

Interstitial cystitis affects men and women of all cultures, socioeconomics, and ages. Although the disease previously was believed to be a condition of menopausal women, growing numbers of men and women are being diagnosed in their twenties and younger.

There are a number of possible causes of interstitial cystitis, such as autoimmune deficiencies, neurological disorders, allergies and genetics.  Regardless of the origin, the majority of interstitial cystitis sufferers struggle with a damaged bladder lining, often caused by excessive consumption of coffee or sodas or traumatic injury.  When the surface GAG layer is damaged, urinary chemicals can leak into surrounding tissues, causing pain, inflammation, and urinary symptoms.

Natural Solutions
Herbs are a safe and natural way to heal the bladder.  Horsetail helps with connective tissue integrity.  Plantain is an astringent which contracts tissue and diminishes discharges, as well as a demulcent, which soothes and mollifies the tissue.  Marshmallow root is a urinary demulcent, best used alone in a cold infusion.  Dong quai, American ginseng, and saw palmetto treat problems with the bladder including frequent urge to urinate, insufficient emptying of the bladder, and inability to urinate on demand for both men and women.  Wild yam and evening primrose oil aid in promoting regularity and shrinking the prostate gland for men, allowing for regularity.  Black cohosh and yohimbe enhance urinary and bowel control.

What to do

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