Female Orgasm Difficulty - Caused by Painful Bladder

It is very difficult to achieve sexual intimacy with another person if you're suffering from serious bladder problems.  Whether it's persistent burning or irritation or a frequent need to go to the bathroom, severe bladder problems interrupt sexual activity and render a satisfying sexual encounter nearly impossible.

Unknown Causes
Painful Bladder Syndrome is also known as Interstitial Cystitis (IC) that is characterized by discomfort or painful sensation to bladder that is not caused by bacterial infection or other known identifiable causes.

Interstitial Cystitis
Interstitial cystitis is a urinary bladder disease characterized by urinary frequency and urgency as well as pressure or pain in the bladder or pelvis. Pain typically increases as the bladder fills and reduces after urination. However, sometimes pain is experienced with urination, often in the urethra.

There may be difficulty in starting the urine stream and discomfort driving, traveling or working. What's more, many people suffering from interstitial cystitis experience pain with sexual intercourse. Although the disease previously was believed to be a condition of menopausal women, growing numbers of women are being diagnosed in their twenties and younger.

Oral Medications
Urologists often would prescribed these drugs for painful bladder symptoms:

Bladder Coating Drug – provides a protective coating to a leaky bladder. Coating prevents bacteria or other allergic substances entering into the bladder. Side effects included strong gastrointestinal upset, hair loss, and liver damage.

Low dosage of Antidepressants – can interfere the nerve associated with chronic bladder pain. Also works for women with bladder spasms. Long term usage would incurred side effects like heart problems (cardiac arrhythmias & tachycardia), dry mouth, or drowsiness.

Anti-Spasmodic Drugs – relieves bladder spasms and chronic bladder pain. Some patients experience dry mouth and drowsiness.

What to do

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