Female Orgasm Difficulty - Caused by Clitoral Insensitivity

For many women, male penetration alone is not sufficient for sexual pleasure or achieving orgasm.  Women's sexual pleasure is derived in part from stimulation of the clitoris, the small, elongated erectile organ at the anterior part of the vulva. The clitoris becomes erect when stimulated and is commonly the object of foreplay. But for some women, the clitoris loses its sensitivity, thereby diminishing sexual pleasure.

There are other complications as well because often women believe that it is natural to feel diminished sexual pleasure on various occasions. Other women feel that it is their fault for not experiencing the sexual pleasure they should be. These women may not even know that their clitoris isn’t functioning properly. A simple recognition of this fact and they could easily be treated and go on feeling as much pleasure as any other woman with a normally functioning clitoris.

How It Happened?
Her Story

A life long sufferer of clitoral insensitivity, she had totally given up on sex and sexual relationships at the age of 36. She was tired of feeling alone and trying to faking it for the benefit of others when she wasn’t even sure how because she’d never experienced an orgasm. Fed up with giving up she went on a mission to learn as much as possible about the female orgasm and her body. After a very short period of time, she figured out exactly what the issue was and happily discovered that there were multiple ways to help treat her situation.
She noticed that there were several herbal supplements that contain various natural herbs and nutrients that help rejuvenate and stimulate the clitoris. Amazed, she wasted no time and loaded up with supplements. Hoping to experience immediate results, she put on a topical lotion and popped the recommended dosage of the herbal pills, then sat on her bed.
Frustrated that she wasn’t sensing or feeling what she wanted, she began to doze off. Suddenly, she awoke to a tingling sensation. It was the topical gel; she rubbed her finger over her clitoris and felt a sharp and intense flutter of pleasure. She took a deep breath as a small teardrop rolled down her cheek. She began her first successful masturbation. 

Erection and relaxation of the clitoris and urethral spongy tissues (G-spot) are essential for a woman to experience sexual pleasure and achieve orgasm.  But there are a number of reasons why the clitoris can lose its sensitivity.  Testosterone and DHEA levels can become too low to power an orgasm.  Overuse of vibrators can damage nerves and desensitize the clitoris. Birth control medications can lead to a deficiency of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, freezing up testosterone, causing frigidity or clitoral and G-spot erectile dysfunction or insensitivity.

Damage From Birth Control Pills

A frequent problem that comes to our attention is the correlation between various birth control medications and procedures, and the loss of clitoral feeling. Many women have complained that not only do they lose the physical sensation but they also lose much of their sexual libido. Birth control medications are filled with hormones and chemicals that often throw your body’s chemistry into total disarray.

Medications & Clitoral Insensitivity

Besides birth control pills, other medications can damage a woman’s endocrine system and prevent her from replenishing her body with testosterone; therefore frequent sex will numb her clitoris and G-spot and result in temporary loss of orgasmic capacity.  Over-stimulation drains out bioelectric energy, resulting in numbness, irritation and irresponsiveness of her clitoris and G-spot.

Essential Hormones For Clitoral Sensitivity

It is essential for a woman's sex organs to produce sufficient prostaglandins to relax her vaginal and uterine muscles and cervical and clitoral tissues.  In addition, her parasympathetic nerve endings must produce sufficient nitric oxide to erect her clitoris and urethral spongy tissues.  Otherwise, her clitoris and G-spot become rigid, leading to pain and urinary urgency upon aggressive stimulation.  The clitoral and G-spot erection is the signal for her to stand a high-pressure and high-speed stimulation comfortably and effectively.

Natural Solutions & Remedies

There are numerous ancient & effective formulas & techniques to revive clitoral insensitivity. Kama sutra technique to stimulate the nerve ending and relaxing is well known. Ancient Chinese Sexual Therapy GuideBook (Su Nui Ching) has documented the aphrodisiac healing of herbal formula that contains herbs known to modulate the essential endocrine hormones for reviving damaged clitoris.

There are a number of supplements that can aid in increasing clitoral stimulation by improving blood circulation to the genitals, engorging the clitoris, vagina, and G-spot, and increasing overall sensitivity. 

Many herbs increase prostaglandins production, relaxing vaginal and uterine muscles and cervical and clitoral tissues.  Ginkgo biloba is an herb used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to improve blood circulation to the genitals.  Damiana enhances sexual function in men and women and serves as an aphrodisiac, stimulant, mood enhancer, and tonic.  Yohimbe and horny goat weed have been used for centuries to increase libido.

What to do

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