Blue Balls: Understanding and Resolving The Issue

Roses are red/ violets are blue/ better have sex/ or your balls will be blue. It’s not some outlandish myth men use to beguile women into the bedroom. It’s real. It’s painful, and it’s a dam right uncomfortable experience for males.

For men who’ve felt the aching, numbing pain between their legs, the experience too can provide a source of sexual frustration, and while a simply tug and release can allay the discomfort, some individuals want answers to this mystery.
Why The Ache?
During arousal, the male body redirects blood toward the penis. This redirection of blood flow engorges the testicles from 25 to 50 percent, and the arteries near the genitals start to constrict.

When males reach an orgasm, the arteries and veins return to their original size, but when males do not climax, the arteries and veins remain constricted, giving the testicles a heavy, aching discomfort that leads to “blue balls.”
Eliminating the Pain
The answer to eliminating pain is obvious: reach an orgasm. For some men, the ability to reach an orgasm seems easy, but for others, climaxing proves impossible. According to studies, men with retrograde or inhibited ejaculation notice an increased level of difficulty when attempting to reach an orgasm.

Men with retrograde or inhibited ejaculation issues will employ unorthodox means for reaching an orgasm, such as masturbation sleeves, improved lubrication and visual stimulation.

For the everyday man who can reach an orgasm, a simply tug and release should quell the pain. Just note males, if you have not reached an orgasm in a while, the release of your seed will cause slight discomfort throughout your body. Don’t worry because the pain is temporary.

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