Bloody Ejaculations: A Side Effect of Prostatitis

Everyone holds expectations about what food should look like. Burger buns should be tan, not black. Cooked meat should be brown, not red. And cherries should be red, not brown. Scientists agree: Changes to our color expectations can cause our minds to negatively associate color with poor taste. And even some of the largest food and drink manufactures have learned this lesson the hard way.

Take Pepsi, for example. In the ‘90s, Pepsi changed the color of its flagship drink from dark brown to clear. The hope was to spur sales, but the results lead to a decline in revenue, and many people claimed the drink didn’t taste as great as regular Pepsi. But food isn’t the only color expectations we hold—we do the same with our bodily fluids. And men who see bloody ejaculations instantly panic.
The Cause for Your Panic
You’re worried. You’re partner might be upset. Your partner might even accuse you of contracting an STD. And you might be frantically searching across the Internet to quell her anger. Don’t worry. Bloody ejaculations, known as Hematospermia, commonly occur because of a side effect of Prostatitis or prostate biopsies. According to the British Association of Urological Surgeons, blood in the semen will rarely be a sign of cancer, however, the symptom can provide an early indicator for not only Prostatitis, but also
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Anti-platelet drugs
  • Clotting disorders
  • Anticoagulants
However, men who experience bloody ejaculations can see other signs of Prostatitis occur, including UTIs, frequency and urgency issues, Nocturia, Dysuria (pain while urinating) and painful ejaculations. Still, males who see blood should always visit a general practitioner to rule out any further complications.
Finding a Suitable Cure for Bloody Ejaculations
Bloody ejaculations can cause slight discomfort, and likely lead men to find home remedies for the issue. According to “The Natural Pharmacy,” Pygeum bark, the bark from African cherry trees, proves effective at alleviating pain and blood inside of semen. Because the bark acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, men can find solace from the Prostatitis-related issue. So if you’re panicking or your partner is worrying, see how Pygeum bark can help. 

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