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Yellow cum
I am curious. Is it normal to have some yellowish cum? Mine was white at one point and now it seems to have some yellow in it. Should I worry about this?
This does not sound normal at
This does not sound normal at all. Make sure you are eating healthy and have a really healthy diet and life. That alone should get everything back to normal.
Yellow semen can be caused by
Yellow semen can be caused by three factors: poor diet, trapped urine and old sperm. In most cases, yellow-colored sperm is due to the storage of old sperm. The testicles produce sperm daily. Each time a man ejaculates, he gets rid of the stored up sperm. When you do not ejaculate for a few days, the testicles store up extra sperm. That yellow discoloration is likely old sperm. To eliminate the discoloration, ejaculate. Granted, you do not want to go over do it. But still, after you ejaculate once or twice over a span of two or three days, you'll notice your sperm return to its normal, milky white color.

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