Workout Regimen for Penis Enlargement.

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Workout Regimen for Penis Enlargement.

I was asked by the admin what my workout regimen was like for penis enlargement so I thought I would discuss it. Anyone can post here and anyone can ask questions about P.E. exercises.

Started at 5.5 7 years ago, been using a pump called the Bathmate (which is probably the only penile pump I can recommend since the risk for using it is so low) on and off. Currently at 6-6.5.
Goal is to reach 8.5in by 7 girth with a 2.5 width if possible.

Generally I do 15-20 minutes of Bathmate with girth exercises every 5 minutes. Depending on how much stress is given to my Johnson during this session, i'll add on jelqing exercises for length. I'll then use a cock ring to hold in the gains for about 30 minutes to an hour. I rest for 3 to 4 days while taking the supplements from this site to speed up the recovery time and feel. Around the 2nd to 3rd day I use an extender just so I can stretch my penis out for about 30 minutes to an hour (sort of a pre workout workout) then i repeat on the 3rd or 4th day.

The supplements I use are oversize, power p, something for penis length, width and girth with a picture of some bearded guy holding a pole ( think it's called kanoba or something) two other supplements that help with blood flow and a Chinese powder. I cycle through the supplements, two in the day, two at night. Ive seen massive improvements since using the supplements in conjunction with the exercises. Also, i only masterbate once a week if not once every two weeks. What are some questions you might have for me?

The increase is very
The increase is very impressive but this seems like such a lot of work. How long does it usually take you to get through the exercises? Time wise.
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It sounds like it but it's
It sounds like it but it's all done throughout the day. i break it up into segments when i can. The bathmate takes 15-20 minutes. That's the pump's instructions and I have found it to be most effective when i follow it. the jelqing doesn't take that long. since i have done a majority of the workout with the bathmate, i do less jelgs. I just do it to retain the shape and to get rid of any fluid retention build up i might miss from the girth exercies in between the 5 minute marks i take with the bathmate. overall, this takes like 25 to 30 minutes to do. The cock ring is just meant to hold the gains in place (sort of like a memory ring) so you hold in that blood amount each time and experience more gains over time. 

The extender is something I decided to add on when I have the time since I don't really like using it out of the three methods (natural exercises and the water pump) to get more length gains, but it's one of those things I would say you should use with caution if you decide to purchase it. stretching and jelqing normally get the job done, but i always found it less of a hassle for me to use an extender. Even when I do decide to use it, I don't use it for very long. that is an extra 30 minutes to however long you decide you think you should go for. 

Natural workouts (the proper ones) took me almost 45 minutes to do, including the warm up, jelqing, the actual girth and length exercises and all of it's reps, and the cool down. so i believe this is faster and much more effective.
When you break it down and
When you break it down and make it more specific it makes it easier to understand and it actually seems like a real easy process. I think I am going to look into doing all of this. If you have personally experienced results and shared it, then why not. I will add it to the pills I am already taking.
Is there any other
Is there any other supplements such as vitamins that you take to help you? What about herbs? You also mentioned a Chinese powder and another supplement to help with blood flow. Can you please tell me what these are?
I take the stuff here and I
I take the stuff here and I make sure I exercise. What I try to do is what is called siphoning the supplements so i get the most out of it. When you use the same ones over and over again, your body may get used to the compounds, at least that's what I had read. By siphoning the supplements (I.e. take one per day or one type during the morning and one type during the evening, etc) I found it to be more effective. Since different pills have different effects, it targets the areas needed right before I workout. The stuff I use is power p, oversize, kanoba extended, Dopafibra, Cuscuta power and Lu Jiao Shuang, though I have to say the last one is my least favorite due to taste.
So I normally bunch them
So I normally bunch them together. Power p and oversize one day or during the morning, Dopafibra and cuscuta power the next day or the evening, then kanabo extenze and Lu Jiao Shuang the following day. I repeat up until the 4th day then I use the Bathmate, all those other exercises, then start with the next batch right afterwards. I have noticed a slight increase in girth from these exercises and a slight increase in flaccid size. I've heard that alpha male plus is a great one to use so I will probably replace Lu Jiao Shuang with that soon as i'm done with it.
Hahaha. I think replacing
Hahaha. I think replacing that Lu Jiao Shuang would be a great idea since you don't really like the taste of it. I am going to have to look more into this Bathmate and everything you have listed.
i take back what i said about
i take back what i said about Lu Jiao Shuang. I used some today (about two teaspoons) and i felt like i grew an inch. that stuff is potent. O_o

i just hate having to take it in the powdered form instead of the pill form. i guess it is more effective as a powder and you get the benefits more easier though. don't rule it out just yet. try it for yourself.

If it made you feel like that
If it made you feel like that I think you are off getting used to the taste instead of trying something new. I need to try that. I have a strong feeling about this chinese medicine. Have you tried making your own pills? Maybe you can try doing that. I remember seeing empty caps before on the herballoveshop website. Try that, I think I might if I don't like the taste of this powder.

Thank you very much. I will look around the website and explore.
i think i am better off too.
i think i am better off too. we shall see. i will probably add two more types to it so i can cycle through the supply less and less (so i have some for months instead of running through it) and use it twice a day instead of 4 times a day. 

i never knew they had empty caps. i guess that is worth looking into. i'll probably stick to this method for now. thanks for the recommendation though.
Hey Ross, did you g industry
Hey Ross, did you g industry the medicine u ou were looking for? And are you doing any workouts yourself?
I completely lost track of
I completely lost track of this thread. I couldn't find it anywhere in my emails. Is this the herb you talked about when you said you were taking that chinese medicine? Lu Jiao Shuang
Yes that's the one. Do you
Yes that's the one. Do you also do workouts?
I have never heard of this
I have never heard of this method. I think I will try this from now on if there are better results to be seen. That last Chinese herb, i've heard of it and how good it can be but I don't know how I would take it. How do you normally take it?
if you have never done penile
if you have never done penile enlargment exercises i recommend you start off slow. there is a book i had purchased off of amazon (it is crazy expensive now but i got it for about $29 to $40 last time i remember. there should be another book just like it but if you can't afford it i'll post a link to a site that explains some workout methods.) If you want, I can explain to you some workout methods that are from the book which are very basic that you can start off with before you go with the advance stuff. 

As for the chinese herbs, i normally take it by teaspoon. i tried mixing it in my workout shakes and even drinking it with my tea but it just ends up tasting worse. I normally take a spoonful and just take a bottle of water and swallow it. it has worked more effectively that way for me.
That would be greatly
That would be greatly appreciated if you could do that. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

That is the reason I asked you how you take the herb. I have heard of the tea but the spoonful seems like an easier and faster way of just guzzling it all down your throat so you can avoid the bad taste faster.
Anytime. I'm going away for
Anytime. I'm going away for the weekend so I have to wait until the monday to actually give you the specifics on length and girth particular exercises ( though what i can do is give you basic stretches and jelq exercises and how to do kegels) This post is a little long so please take your time. (and try not to get bored. : 3 )

The basics are a ten minute warm up using any type of warm to hot substance( i just use a rag with hot water since i can't find anything else that does the job better. it's recommended to use  hot blanket but if budget is an issue this is your best bet) and warm up your Johnson for that time period. If your using a rag, reheat then reapply. 

Then do stretches. Stretch for the same amount of time. if you are new, I recommend stretching for 5 minutes and do 30 second incrementes. Make sure you stretch in as many directions as possible. (up down, left, right, diagonal and other things like that) after the warm ups, you can begin jelqing. If you don't know how to do jelqs, do an "Ok" grip with your thumb and index finger. Grip the base of your penis and scrotom with one hand using the ok grip then place your other hand with the "Ok" grip right in front of it. From there, you milk the penis from the base of the scrotom to the very head of your penis. that is one rep. you repeat until you complete the reps you need to. The guide recommends 10 minutes of jelqing or 250 reps, but depending on where you are and body clues (more on that when I get back) you should do the amount that best suits you. I normally do about 50% to 75% of these jelqs depending on how much of a workout I have gotten from the bathmate. 

Kegels are pretty easy once you know how to do them. next time you go to the bathroom, go pee and try to hold back the pee once it starts flowing. once you do that, try to feel the muscle with your fingers. that muscles you are feeling is your pelvic floor muscle. the amount you can do is totally up to you. it's a mind over matter type of exercise. I normally do a few ten second ones and do long endurance 30 to 1 minute mark ones. these will not only help strengthen and help grow your penis, but it can also help in the bedroom. by controlling your pelvic floor muscles, you can actually control your ejaculations by doing the kegels right before you reach the point of no return. It's also good for your prostate so overall it's a three in one deal that you definitely don't want to pass up on.

Oh and one last thing before I get off here: make sure you get rest. penis exercises are useless if you don't let your penis fully recover. if you're doing these exercises, start off with one day exercises, 3 day est time, pick up on the 4th day routine. Do that for about a month and a half. Once your ready, shorten the resting time up so it's only a 2 days rest for a month or so then one day resting for a month or so. the trick is gradually getting your penis to stop adapting to the body changes it is going through. Ok, I'm done. lololololol

i'll send you links to the videos showing how to do the workouts once i find them. LAST, I SWEAR LOLOL.
Use oil. Best lubricant for jelqing. that's all. lolol
Sorry it took me so long.
Sorry it took me so long. Had a lot going on these past few weeks. The link I provided should should you length workouts as well though from what I have heard, girth is more desirable than length when it comes tobthe opposite sex.
If you are really concern
If you are really concern about your Low Sex Drive: Buy progentra natural male enhancement products that promises to make your penis bigger, make you last longer in bed, and give you an insatiable libido.
Also, quick update. I have
Also, quick update. I have halted penile exercises for a week instead of four days and have just been taking two supplements per day vs. 4. I also got alpha male plus so I will be using that one with kanabo, then oversize and power p, then Dopafibra and cuscuta power. Increase is more noticeable girth wise.
That is some big change but
That is some big change but it seems more beneficial now. So girth size continues to grow this way? This is good for anybody who wants girth because I know there are plenty out there by reading the forums and comments people leave.
It is. Girth is growing. I
It is. Girth is growing. I feel heavier and alpha male plus is pretty amazing for helping with penile enlargement. I haven't really taken Dopafibra and cuscuta power in awhile, mostly because it really makes me horny and I feel the need to masturbate afterwards, which will halt your progress. I only really take it on work days cause know I won't have the urge to do it. It's also important to note that in conjunction with the supplements, I use the Bathmate for 20 minutes roughly once a week and I use a penis ring to hold the gains, then an extender afterwards. I'm never doing the same thing twice. By mixing up the workouts, you'll see more gains. It also helps to understand your penis as well. The reason I am probably gaining is because I know how much stress my penis can take before the reverse starts to happen.
It sounds like you have it
It sounds like you have it under control. I have heard of people using a cock ring to keep the erections. Your plans seems very good and I wish you the best improvement on all of this. Keep me updated on your results. It would be great advice for even me if I want to gain girth.
I will. Have you tried any
I will. Have you tried any workouts yourself?
I have tried a few but never
I have tried a few but never commited to one for more than a week. I am really curious into finally being able to go through with a plan. After reading what you wrote, I am almost ready to get something together.
What have you tried or are
What have you tried or are interested in trying?
I used the ballooning
I used the ballooning technique but I did not commit to it and just tried it for a few short days. I bet if I were to have done it longer I would have seen results. I am interested in doing everything you said in the very first post of this forum, all the way on the top.
Ballooning is a great
Ballooning is a great exercise. I can't believe I forgot about that. Thanks for mentioning that. I'll add that to my exercises. If you are going for Bathmate, let me know which one you wish to try or buy. I have knowledge on all of them so I can give you advice on what to choose and links to discounts should you decide to go through with it. I see results but it would be more if I can just keep doing it consistently. I recommend you start up ballooning again but add at least one of these supplements. Ooh, I almost forgot. Do you know about penile warm exercises?
Your excitement got me
Your excitement got me excited on my journey of enlargement. I am going to try exercises first. I will definitely do the ballooning but which supplement would be best to start with? I do not know what penile warm exercises are, what are they?
It's a warm up that you do
It's a warm up that you do before you do the actual workout. You get a rag and you put it under hot water. You then apply it to the groin area, particularly your penis, and you do so for ten minutes. Reheat the rag whenever it gets cold. After that, stretch your penis for 5 to ten minutes in all directions (up sdd own, left right, out front, diagonal, etc.) It helps with exercises like jelqing and ballooning. As for supplements, it's totally up to you, but I love using oversize, power p, kanabo extenze, and alpha male plus. Alpha male plus gives you a full flaccid penis as well as oversize. Power p and kanabo are good but they seem to help more with length more so then girth and overall look of your penis. If you're on a budget, kanabo and alpha male are under $70 I believe.
So this thing that you do
So this thing that you do before the real exercises are more of a warm-up, getting the penis ready to be able to stretch. I have been looking at the alpha male myself and I think I will go for that. I need to do a little bit more research because I want to get another bottle to work on both length and girth.
For the most part it seems to
For the most part it seems to work but I also siphon the supplements. It prevents your body from getting used to it and helps your body grow, much like how doing different exercises shows growth to whichever body part you are working on. Btw, if you get a chance look up a supplement called alphamale XL on Amazon. It supposedly helps eith growth like alpha male plus but is believed to be more potent.
I realized I never asked you
I realized I never asked you about your goals and starting size. what are some gains you would like to see Aidan?
For those interested in Penis
For those interested in Penis Enlargment, state your current size and your end goal size. For supplements, I recommend Oversize and Power P among everything else. For exercises, I'll recommend a workout based off of your sensitivity and overal desire. If you don't mind using pumps, devices or manual exercises, I have a list of them that I will recommend. If you don't really like the exercise aspect, I will recommend something a little more minor that you can manage. The above post is what I worked up to so don't think I just started this all at once. I had to build up my endurance.
here are some girth exercises
here are some girth exercises that I do.  look it up on google. look up and there should be some workouts on it there.

The double squeeze, double erect squeeze and the flaccid bend are the ones I use the most for girth gains. everything else is up to you guys.
does dry jelqing work
If it does teach me to enlarge my penis.

Robert esquivel

i've never actually tried dry
i've never actually tried dry jelqing, on the basis that it is more difficult to perfom a jelq without any form of lubricant. It is in the website I posted so I guess it works. 

If you want me to teach you, I have to know your current size and your goal size and if you had any prior training before hand.
I wanted to give you an
I wanted to give you an update on my progress and on stuff you should do. I am currently taking supplements for one month without any form of penile exercise training. reason being is because I want my penis to heal properly. Once the month is over, I will go back to using the Bathmate and various other devices. I'm saying this because if it feels like you aren't growing, you might want to give yourself some time off from exercise so you can effectively recover.
Update time: I'm currently
Update time: I'm currently doing this as my regimen. I'm using the Bathmate on the weekends and i'm taking two supplements at night. Either before i go to sleep or after i wake up, i use an extender for about an hour. I only use the Bathmate for two days and throughout the rest of the week, i extend for one hour and then take supplements when i go to sleep. From what i have heard, you grow in size due to nightly erections that you may incur. On top of that, i do kegels throughout the day. (Kegels help develop the floor muscles of your penile underside. It helps with erections, endurance, and even size. Be sure to try any combinations of these to see what suits you.
Hey all. Sorry I haven't
Hey all. Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Life has gotten very busy for me. So here's some things that have changed.

I have had difficulty growing because I have had trouble with masturbation for awhile. I cut down my masturbation to once every week and a half to two weeks and I use two to three supplements spread out throughout each day that include Oversize, Kanabo Extenze, Dopra Fibra, Kanabo Nerve Fix, Alphamale plus xl from amazon and Cuscuta Extreme (whenever I get Cuscuta Power, I'll add that to my mix). Alpha Male Plus I use on occasion since it makes me really horny. (very important I use different supplements twice aday, one in the morning and one in the night. i get a good combination whenever i wait a few days after workouts when i use alpha male plus xl and nerve fix and cuscuta extreme and on the actual workout days i mix oversize with cuscuta power or one kanabo extenze with dopra fibra. these combinations seem to really engorge the penis to it's maximum level before a workout.)

during the morning time, i use the bathmate X40 or goliath depnding on the amount of pressure I use (my ultimate recommendations are for the x30 or x40 extreme's since they allow you to control the pressure, but are the most expensive.) Reason I switch between pressures is because I don't want my penis getting used to the amount of pressure I use on it. I try to have one day where I max out length gains (X40) and one where I try to max out girth (goliath). The reason I use the morning is because after I take a shower, I filll it up and then sit in the tub with the drainage closed and then I work out. (the most convient time for me to do so since filling up a bathtub is getting a little more difficult to plan nowadays) and then after the 20 to 25 minute sessions I use a cock ring to hold the gains I've made for as long as I can. 

on the Bathmate guage, I would normally hit in between the 180 to 190mm length range. after about two weeks of consistent pumping for roughly for days out the week, while taking supplements before theworkouts and the healing supplements on resting days, I noticed it started to increase between the 190 and 200mm length range. Plus, my girth seems to be more fuller and consistent. When I wake up in the morning time, I have morning wood, which according to the book How to Grow Your Penis, is a sign of healthy body clues. (I also should post the healthy body clues on here. I will once I get the time.) 

Now that I have identified the issues and found a consistent method that allows me to avoid overmasturbation, my goal is to reach a half inch in length and a few cm in girth by the end of march. once that rolls around, I will give you my updated girth and length gains.

oh! I almost forgot. During the bathmate sessions with the Goliath, I also do Kegels while I have it on. I do the short few second ones and the endurance ones for 20 to 30 seconds. that seems to also help with my gains and my stamina as well. I will update by the end of march. until next time, keep on following your dreams.
Here are some healthy body
Here are some healthy body clues: •Stronger Erections •More frequent Erections throughout the night •Waking up with "morning wood" •Bigger flaccid size •Good flaccid elasticity (a penis that is easy to stretch, not stiff) •fatigue along the penis (similar to post-gym muscle fatigue; not to be confused with numbness) •Temporary increase in size after workout. •INCREASE IN GROWTH Here are the negative body clues to look for: •Weaker Erections •Less frequent Erections throughout night •Absence of "Morning Wood" •Smaller flaccid size •Less flaccid elasticity •Lack of sensation or numbness •Bruising •Pain •TEMPORARY DECREASE IN SIZE. Hope this helps.
Update time. I didn't meet my
Update time. I didn't meet my goals, but i have been watching my body clues. Towards the end of march i started masturbating a lot more than i should have and i wasn't able to achieve the gains i wanted, so i have to try again for the end of april. instead of doing monthly updates, i will try weekly or biweekly updates.
Update time. I have
Update time. I have progressed a lot since last post. i have been keeping my masturbation down to once or twice a week, no finishing. That is called Edging, and it helps you last longer in bed as well as promote growth. while using the bathmate, it helps reduce any fluid retention. I am still not past the length yet but i have been noticing more girth growth and i notice a little more veins, particularly one that is on the top of the shaft. it makes it look more muscular. as far as reaching goals is concerned, i am getting closer to the 7.5 inch mark on my X40 bathmate. The 7.5 mark is roughly the 190mm mark where i go past on the Goliath model. I would normally hit 7.25 consecutively for about a week and a half. so it feels and looks like i am reaching my goal every week. As far as actual gains, i can't giv you any erect girth gains as of this post, but flaccid, i am 4 inches in girth which is good. My goal is to purchase a X40 extreme model and obtain at least a full inch before the summer and then another inch by the end of the year. realistically, they say that you can probably get around that much within a two year span while not using other devices such as the bathmate. i believe i can make it there.
one thing that has changed is
one thing that has changed is my diet woth the supplements. i use cuscuta power and Oversize roght before i use the pump. for whatever reason, i get very engorged in the penile region when I take those two together. i pump for roughly 20 to 25 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week. I use the X40 for 10 to 15 minutes most sessions and then use the Goliath for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the workout. if i want to go for girth, i do 10 minutes X40, 15 minutes Goliath. if it's length, then it is 15 minutes x40, 10 minutes Goliath, or just a full 20 minutes with the X40. I follow through with a penis ring immediately afterwards to keep the gains i have made. if buying a penile ribg is inconvenient for you, a hair scroungy will do. (the thin black ones that are very tight around the forearm.) between the recovery days (because it is very important that you recover from your workout) i take nerve fix, cuscuta extreme and recently alpha male plus, (not the xl from amazon like i used to do. that leaves me shortened of breathe so i am currently discontinuing it.) and i try to use an extender whenever i have time to wear one, though recently i haven't been actively wearing one. Important to note as well that during those bathmate sessions i also Kegel. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE KEGELS. They help strengthen your penis' pubic bone muscle anf help with Erections, climaxing harder, climax control, and overall penis health that helps reduce chances of prostate cancer. and lastly, i drink pom juice. pom juice apart from being good for you. helps strengthen erections and after 4 weeks of actice drinking, can help to cure erectile dysfunction. it's a natural viagra so drink plenty of that in between your sessions. that's all i have for now. will give you another update towards the rnd of May. Until next time, enjoy the statuses.
Update time. I have began to
Update time. I have began to notice changes in shape, thickness and length. i have not grown much. it only fewl like i have grown a few millimeters, but it feels and looks like the penis is starting to grow and retain shape. The only change i have made in my exercise routine is adding on girth exercises between sets. For example, if i have a set with the X40 that lasts 15 minutes, then immediately after i do girth exercises for 5 minutes. then i use the Goliath model for about 10 to 15. then after that session, i fit a penis ring on to hold the gains then i use a water based lubricant or cream and i jelq the penis until i get the fluid rention out. This seems to be working quite effectively and i am seeing a lot more retention and overall growth. I will keep you updated as i keep these workouts up until the end of june.
Update time. so i have had a
Update time. so i have had a lot of gains wilst using the bathmate but i fell off towards the end of june and started masturbating a little more than i should have. in july i took a weeks break from supplements and exercise and bought myself an Xtreme X40 Hydromax, ehich is said to be one of the best pumps out there in the bathmate pumps. I used it once yesterday. i was not ready for that pump. lolol it has so much power that i could only do it for 15 minutes. I did notice a stronger erection and it felt like my penis literally was as hard as a rock. i will be doing some more pumping to let you know of it's effectiveness.
Update time. So i had started
Update time. So i had started off on my training with the x40 xtreme but about a week into it i accidentally broke it. i managed to get it replaced so i am able to continue my training. for about 2 weeks or so, i have been using it and i am seeing a lot more results. I am reaching past the 7.5 mark on the x40 extreme, which i could only hit the 7 mark due to the amount of pressure. girth is increasing, length seems more consistent. if i go past the 20 mm mark or past 8 inches within the next month or two i will update again. note that it takes roughly three months of consistent usage to see major changes. the average time period to see growth according to the website is 3 months. the average growth is anywhere between 1 to 3 inches. my goal is to reach at least 8 inches by the end of this year. but if i hit accurately 7 to 7 and a half by the end of this year i will be satisfied. i will continue to update as the months go. one thing i will start adding is more jelqing and more usage of the stretching devices, though with the amount of girth i am getting with each workout, i don't know how much i can use. see you later.
I had to wait a while before
I had to wait a while before I actually updated on this page. Here to provide an update on my gains. So far, I have not have had as much as i originally intended but I have had consistent gains. My flaccid size seems to have gotten bigger and feels more fuller. When I get erections now it feels much stronger and it feels much bigger. Before I started to pick back up these exercises earlier this year back in March I believe, I was below the 6 inch Mark on a ruler, maybe about 5.5, 5.6. After consistently working out from since then until November, I have gained what seems to be .8 inches, which is roughly sitting at 6.1, 6.2 on a ruler. Girth went from 5.1 to about 5 5 using a tape measure. Now that doesn't seem like much but keep in mind this is consistently working out using the Bathmate, using the supplements on this site as well as a few other sites, whether or not I have been masturbating heavily or if I have laid off of it for a long time, and whether I have been paying attention to my body clues like i mentioned before. My goal is to reach 7 inches by the end of this year but if i don't, I am not going to be upset. I am happy I am gaining. Next big update I get will probably be around December. Before then I will talk about what I used and the different devices i have gotten that have helped with my gains.
Hey all. I haven't stopped my
Hey all. I haven't stopped my P.E. training. I just had some stuff happen and I had to take care of it. will provide updates soon.


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