A wide range of products RF Welder

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A wide range of products RF Welder

Why Radio Frequency Welding Machine?

  • Obviously it's brilliant for products containing gas and liquids.
  • Nothing is added during the process so there are no added compatibility issues.
  • Because nothing is added, welded products are easier to recycle.
  • Compared to sewn or glued joints there is nowhere for infectious agents or dirt to hide.
  • Radio Frequency welding can make joints strong enough to support a jumbo jet and fine enough for medical and surgical products.
  • Radio Frequency welding is readily combined with other manufacturing processes.
  • Radio Frequency welding is used in the assembly of technical textiles, films and medical fabrics.
  • Radio Frequency welding can retain full material strength.

Typical Applications

    A wide range of products can be manufactured using the RF Welder technique. A few examples are listed below:

    Stationery - Book covers, stationery wallets, zip bags, binders and office files
    Inflatable Items - Beach balls, toys, air/water beds, rafts and life jackets
    Household Items - Headboards, chair upholstery, quilting and table mats
    Large Items - Tarpaulins, tents, marquees, pool liners and lorry covers
    Medical Items - Blood bags and colostomy bags
    Automotive - Air bags, dashboard fascia and sun-visors

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