Why am i losing my energy??

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Why am i losing my energy??
I am 29 years old male and weighing 285 lbs. For the past 2-3 years my sexual life is going down the hill. I used to have a good sexual life but now it's almost disappear.

I use to masturbate a lot like everyday or some times twice a day. Also, I was a heavy drink and had a very bad diet and weighed much less around 216 lbs. For almost a year now, I had no energy, always getting tired even after sleeping for 8-10 hours.

Currently I am eating more healthier and stopped drinking all together however, my energy levels hasn't increased,

This can be something to
This can be something to either do with low levels of testosterone or low sex drive. You just need that little spark of energy that can come in many different ways. The best way to get some energy is to kill two birds with one stone, increase your energy levels and your sex drive. I went out of my way to get more energy because I wanted to be able to last longer without getting tired the second time around. I went with the method of taking Cistanche Boom which has helped me out the way I wanted it to. You should give it a try and maybe it will give you that extra energy you need.
Tribulus is the answer that
Tribulus is the answer that has worked for me. The first time I tried it I felt nothing and then I took it again and wow! You'll be performing like a porn star in no time! Don't worry about no energy drinks just stick to this.
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Have you tried the alternatives?
I heard a lot of good things about this ( https://healthybiotics.info/aphrodisiacs/testo-ultra/ )
Has anyone tried it?
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