Vaginal Discharge

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Vaginal Discharge
Everyday I get a bit of random discharge and I hate it. It is usually thick and white and it doesn't smell rancid but I'd prefer if it wasn't there at all. I used to use soap in and around my virginal area right from when I was a child, and was then told alkali substances shouldn't be used down there. I also thought it might solve my discharge. I tried femfresh in order to freshen up down there and nothing has changed in terms of the amount of discharge expelled. Does any other girl have a problem like this one? And if this is normal do guys find it to be a turn off? I just don't want this anymore.
Should help understand
Herbal remedies are great ways to recover naturally... I think this link will be helpful for you:
Vaginal discharge is a very
Vaginal discharge is a very common thing and there are many different things you can do to it. I found out what every single different colored discharge means in the article Your Guide to Vaginal Discharge This guide gives you information about every colored discharge in case you ever have another problem. It also includes methods to get it clean. I wish you the best of luck.
White and thick discharge is
White and thick discharge is usually a sign of an infection. I know when I had one it was really bad. Mine however did have that rancid smell. After some research I found out I had a yeast infection. You should really research your symptoms because from the research I did your symptoms point toward some sort of infection. I hope you take care of it.
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