Tummy pains when orgasming

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Tummy pains when orgasming
Hello, I am a 17 year old female, non virgin, and am taking contraceptives. When I lost my virginity to my boyfriend I experienced some pains in my stomach. They are like pains and cramps everytime I orgasm. Now it has been a while and I am still getting the same feeling. We have sex pretty often and everytime I get the same feeling. I feel it around my pelvic/uterus area. When I get the pain I get this urge to throw up. Is this normal?
This will make you feel
This will make you feel better.Pains After Sex - Millions of Women Have It Now to fix it you can try several things. The one I would highly recommend is a specialized chinese method. It is designed to help basically restart the body. It will help you be able to restart your body with all the sexual parts of it. You should not feel any pain after you have tried this. Good luck!Harmony Qi Gong For Women
 This is the chinese remedy.
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