Traumatic Mastrubation Syndrome

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Traumatic Mastrubation Syndrome
Dear Alex or other Professionals,

Could you please help me; I am a young adult of 20 years and i mastrubate the prone position since the year of 4. They call this Traumatic mastrubation Syndrome. I damaged my penile nerves due to this aggresive and over mastrubation method. I can only mastrubate the prone way on my belly rubbin the matras/flor and not the normal way.  This brings very much problems with my sexuality: i cant have sex with a women because my penis is not sensitive ,numb, and erections not very strong. Also my libido is very low and i begin to develop low back problems. Also when i try to climax ( it only works the prone way) the semon fluids very weak not with much power and low sperm count. I do have morning erections.

What should I do?

Thank you in advance
The first sentence in and of
The first sentence in and of it self is disturbing.  I believe I had the same problem that you had as well, so I can understand the heartache you must be going through.  I first key to success to overcome this problem is as follows:

1.  Stop masturbating all together or keep it to a low minimum.  When a person ejaculates or masturbates, what ever you want to call this, they are draining out Testosterone, DNA and other precious Vitamins to have optimum health.

2.  You should do research to maximize your knowledge base when it comes to this subject.  The more you understand, the better and easire it seems to stop masturbating.  I know this can be hard to do sometimes, but if possible, stay focused.  I have read on a website called Authentic Tantra.  It is said that a Male can still masturbate only two times per month and still feel ok.  Here is the exact qoute:  " Sun Simiao, a Chinese Doctor and philosopher, said that a man could recieve the benefits of Semen Retention, and still experience ejaculation twice per month.  

Also, if you are extremely damaged from the masturbation, I would go even a step further and stop altogther so that when it does come time with a woman, you will be ready for her.

3.  Consume herbs such those on this website, drink plenty of water, try to get plenty of sleep if possible.  Sleeping = Recovery.  The cells in your body are rebuilding during this time.  Exercise and this of the sort.

If you have anymore questions, let us know.

Sincerely, Christopher Allen.


Dear Christopher Allen,Ive
Dear Christopher Allen,

Ive quit mastrubation for 1,5 months now but still no improvement.
Wich herbs will help me?

Thank you,



Traumatic Mastrubation Syndrome
Dear Sir/Maddam,

Thank you very much for the response.

I dont mastrubated for a period of 2 months and when i try to mastrubate i cant due the sensation loss.. it has come to a point that i dont even have trouble not to mastrubate. Also a little while ago i sleept with a women and when the time was there i wasnt ready for here.... i think i damaged my penis to much because i begun with traumatic mastrubation sydrome early on from the age of 4. I do not have orgasms since a long while now, this begins to develop serious problems resulted in back pain. I also have had a STI a year ago chlamydia wich i think also has had a impact on the libido/sperm production/overall sexual health.
Is there any thing i can do,which herbs should i buy and do they really help with my problems?
P.S i dont know if you are familliar with kambo; this is a frog medicine can this help solve my problem?


To all those dealing with
To all those dealing with this problem.  If I were you I would stop masturbating all together.  Take an intense variety of herbs.  Let your body rest for several months if problem is severe.  As I say, the Penis is for the Vagina, not for the hand.

Sincerely, Christopher Allen


Traumatic Mastrubation Syndrome
Dear christopher Allen,

What kind of herbs should i take?

Thank you in advance!



Well I had done research
Well I had done research about Herbs which are basically the best way to tackle this problem.  I know how you are feeling, it sucks.  Ginko Biloba will help you stop the Nocturnal Emissions (wet dreams).  Saw Palmetto is also great for this problem too as it helps shrink the Prostate.  Try to keep masturbation to a minimum as it drains out your energy.  I did it for like 11 years stopped last year and I'm still paying the price.

If you have need of anymore questions, let on of us know.

Sincerely, Christopher Allen.


Thank you for answering my
Thank you for answering my questions,

I already take saw palmetto, but shouldnt i take some herbs listed on this site to restore the sensation loss? and to boost blood flow or something to help restore everything?

Thank you in advance,



Yes, as for the Blood Flow
Yes, as for the Blood Flow issue I would take Ginko Biloba.  The product will create more blood flow all throughout the Body.  You may take the Herbs that are on this site if you life.  It's best to take Herbs as a spectrum sort of speaking.  Like if you say you have an Enlarged Prostate, you should go for Example: Saw Palmetto (80-95 % Fatty Acids)/ Beta- Sitosterol/Lycopene, and so forth.  I'm sure you get the idea.  Stay health my friend.

Sincerely, Christopher Allen.


I get the idea!! thank you
I get the idea!! thank you very much again. last question than i know what to do and you really helped me
can you give me some more advice which herbs to take for the following complications
low libido, the semon fluids very weak not with much power and low sperm count,damaged my penile nerves (sensation loss).

Sincerely, Makaveli


Well the herbs that I had
Well the herbs that I had mentioned will help you with that not to mention if you are healed in time also.  I hope and pray for you to have a fast recovery!  Any questions let any of us know.


Dear Christopher,Hope you can

Dear Christopher,

Hope you can help me, it is drving me crazy.

I have still not recovered from the TMS, because when i go to sleep i unconciously preform the prone mastrubation in my sleep. This keeps me from recovering. 

morphologically i try to mastrubate the normal way, this doesnt help either, if i do it is is to ecessive because of the difficulty orgasm due the TSM.

What should i do?  
Also can i take any herbs?

Hope to hear from you soon,

love makaveli


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