Top Tips For Improving Your Dental Hygiene

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Top Tips For Improving Your Dental Hygiene

We put our mouths through all kinds of stress during the day, using our teeth to bite into our morning breakfast roll or to grip that piece of paper that you can’t quite fit in your hands because you drew the shorter straw for the office coffee round. Within your 16-hour working day all kinds of chemicals would have been in contact with your pearly whites, bacteria build up would have been caused and it’s up to you to keep it away. Keeping good oral health is important to maintaining your winning smile and we feel that with some handy tips we can help you to continue just that:

  • Brush twice a day

Even during the night when your mouth isn’t up to much, you might not feel that a lot would be happening. However, during sleep, your mouth can continue to gather bacteria and leave your teeth vulnerable to plaque buildup. So, to prevent this happening you can brush before you go to sleep as well as doing it in the morning when you wake up.

  • Limit Fizzy Drinks

A diet change can also be helpful for your oral health. It’s quite possible when you were younger you were constantly told off about having sweets and foods generally high in sugar, and now we know why would not limit ourselves when we get older too? Having a diet high in sugar will cause acid build up in the mouth, which slowly starts to dissolve the enamel formed around your teeth. Tooth enamel is a substance on your teeth which helps to protect them, so it’s worth protecting them as much as you can. If you do happen to have anything fizzy, brush your teeth immediately before it settles and has the chance to attack your teeth.

  • See your dentist regularly

They’re the knowledge base for everything you need to know about keeping healthy teeth, make the most of them. Look to visit them however much they recommend you to. Having regular check ups will provide them the opportunity to test and examine your teeth properly and help you in the long term for maintaining oral hygiene.

  • Use mouthwash

As well as brushing your teeth, make the most of mouthwash that’s high in listerine. Not only does it provide fresh breath but it can help to strengthen teeth by killing the bacteria build up in your mouth. Although it’s not the complete answer to for protecting your teeth, it is an added extra to any other dental practices you’re doing at the moment. Some mouthwashes can just be for fresh breath purposes though, so to help decide which one is best for you you can also speak to your dentist.

There are always procedures that are out there that can be a temporary fix for badly looked after teeth such as braces or dental implants, so it’s not all doom and gloom. It is good to do your part too though so you can naturally maintain healthy gums and teeth in the long term if those services are unavailable for you. Using our handy tips are sure to help and give you that gleaming smile that can really brighten up your day.

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