Testicle pains from chlamydia

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Testicle pains from chlamydia
I have been diagnosed with chlamydia half a year ago and lately I have had some pain in both my testicles. The pain is not on both testicles but changes from left to right. This time I don't think it's chlamydia because my testicles have not swollen and they appear to be a normal size.
Good thing you are not
Good thing you are not suffering from testicular shrinkage. You should really try the Testicular Massage, there are a lot of reviews that it really does calm the pain and such. I have a friend who restarted the health of his testicles but I can't remember if he took Rejuven Vitaball or Kanabo Vitaball. I am sure they both work almost the same from what I read. I hope this information helps your recovery from testicle pain.
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