Surrogacy And IVF Go Hand In Hand To Bless Many Childless Couple With Parenthood

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Surrogacy And IVF Go Hand In Hand To Bless Many Childless Couple With Parenthood
IVF and Surrogacy both are known methods which are used under assisted reproductive technology. Both these techniques came into existence to give scope to couples fulfill their dream of being parent. When such couples fighting from infertility problems visit the IVF specialist in Mumbai the medical history is checked. This helps the specialist in analyzing the scope of the couple getting blessed with a child following any of the ART techniques. India being one of the major countries for IVF treatment is known for its high quality treatment facilities and cheap cost. Mumbai is one of the major hubs for this treatment in India.  The IVF cost in Mumbai is very low and so people not only from India but from different parts of the world visit this destination for IVF treatment. The steps of this treatment are:
  • The prospective mother is given hormonal injections for the production of multiple eggs
  • The eggs when attain the stage of maturity they are extracted from the mother’s body using cathedra and anesthesia
  • On the same day of egg extraction, the father’s sperms are collected and fused with the collected eggs of the mother under controlled lab condition
  • In 2 to 4 days time the eggs and sperms gets fused to develop embryos
  • One to three embryos get transferred to the mother’s womb
  • If there are some leftover healthy embryos then same can be stored for future use in case of failed cycle.
The need of a surrogate mother arises when the mother’s egg is not healthy enough to be used or when the sperms of the father is not of good quality. Use of donor egg or sperm can be made biological parents egg or sperm to form the embryo. Once the embryos are formed, same will be transferred to the womb of the surrogate mother for further growth till delivery. In other type of surrogacy use of the sperm and eggs of the biological parents will be made to form the embryo and then transfer to surrogate mother womb. Such technique will be adopted when the biological mother is having problem in holding the embryo in womb. Take help of the reputed IVF clinic in Mumbai for the process.
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