Suffering from Premature ejaculation

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Suffering from Premature ejaculation

I am a 34 year old male. I have been suffering from PE and excessive precum since more than 15 years now. I believe I used to masturbate excessively in my teenage years and eventually noticed that I had acquired PE around the age of 18-19.  I also did some drug consumption for few years. I do not masturbate excessively since several years now and am also off drugs since More than a decade. although, I do still smoke cigarettes and am trying hard to quit. I have tried several options to cure my condition but haven't found a permanent cure. SSRI's worked well but I felt they had side effects so I stopped them. I use desensitising condoms and they do help in increasing the duration but reduce the feeling drastically.
I have always had hyper acidity and digestion problems. I also got haemorrhoids about a year ago and I was able to get it under control with Ayurvedic medication. I still have haemorrhoids and they get painful sometimes but I am able to control it mostly with my diet.
My wife and I are planning to have a baby But I ejaculate within seconds if I enter without a condom. I am hoping to have my condition cured so I can live happily. I am wondering if my prostate is enlarged and that is the cause behind the PE. Please help in identifying the problem and getting the right medication.
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PE not a Big Deal
Many men suffer from PE or Ed. It is very common issue. You may use Super P Force to tackle PE. Also Super P Force works great with ED too. So it is basically a drug with multiple benefits. Still counsel your doctor before taking any medication. For more on PE visit:
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