Stopping this pee feeling

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Stopping this pee feeling
I don't know what it feels to come. I have always been trying to find my g spot and I have no idea where I can find this. I always get stimulated through the clitoris and have never been able to come during sex even when it's penetrated. The only feeling I get is this really uncomfortable feeling to pee. I have to stop sex in order to go pee. I don't know what to do. I want to be able to enjoy sex and be able to come.
Give this a try
It seems like your real problem is with your bladder. Maybe you have an overactive bladder but that is just the least of the problems. You mentioned an uncomfortable feeling when you pee and I believe that is a results from a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). It is okay don't freak out. You can use a great product that is provided here to help you out. If you want the help then I really suggest you start taking Optimized Cran-Max with UTIRose. Cranberry is a great way to battle any bladder issues and it will most definitely take care of your problem.
Most women do not orgasm from
Most women do not orgasm from intercourse alone. That being said, can you orgasm alone? Are you only getting the need-to-pee sensation when you are in the act with a partner or also during masturbation?

The supplements suggested by Landon may well help if it is a bladder/urinary issue. Are you having the urge to pee like this at other times or just when sex is initiated??
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The supplements that Landon
The supplements that Landon suggested have definitely helped. I was getting that urge to pee often and even more when sex was in the progress. Now it has decreased significantly and hopefully it is completely gone soon.

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