Stop smoking marijuana turns into better sex

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Stop smoking marijuana turns into better sex
I noticed in early stages when my prostate was super inflamed that I couldn't pee sit and that smoking weed would either aggitate the situation or make me more aware of the sensation. I could go through a work day almost pain free and then when i would get home and unwind and smoke i would all of a sudden become aware of this aching prostate. I have tryed to cut back on my smoking but it was the only thing i had that was keeping me sane and less stressed. The smoke is bad for your circulatory system no doubt. If you must smoke i would honestly try to replace it with a painkiller when ever you can. It was hard for me to stop smoking as i said so some days i would take a percoset or something and i wouldnt feel i needed to smoke. plus the painkillers have tylenol and other antiinflammatory ingredients. i however did smoke almost every day through my so far two year recovery. Now that I am completely clean from smoking marijuana sex is so much easier and so much more enjoyable.
I did the exact same thing as
I did the exact same thing as you. And I have to say that it is so much better now! I do have to say that having sex now is so much more energetic and you are able to do so much!
I did several things to stop
I did several things to stop smoking marijuana. I knew that it would affect me when it came to anything sexual and I decided to finally start doing something about it. I really noticed that I started suffering from Impotence - Caused by Marijuana and it was really bad. I finally did what that article said and I was able to overcome everything. No more marijuana or anything bad like that and now my sex drive is amazing.
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