Something stuck in my vagina

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Something stuck in my vagina
When me and my boyfriend have sex he sometimes penetrates a little too far. Everytime he penetrates it feels like he is hitting some wall or something and it is really painful. I get sore pains around my stomach when he hits it. I am scared that there might be something stuck down there? What can his penis be hitting? This pain hurts so much that I end up crying sometimes.
It sounds like you guys have
It sounds like you guys have a lot of fun. Be careful with just how much fun you have because sometimes it might just be a little too much. It can be really dangerous sometimes. I don't think he is physically hitting something that is stuck in your vagina but more like a nerve or something. I would suggest that you look into intercourse pain because any woman that has this fix it right away. Good luck with all this stuff! I am going to give you a link to fixing your intercourse pain with some herbal remedy.
Thanks for the help kayden
Thanks for the help kayden sea. You were a great big help. Turns out there is nothing stuck in there. *sighs* I have taken your advice and finally was able to fix my problem. The Herbal Tincture For Intercourse Pain works great! Although there is still very minor pains it is great using it and being able to see the success day by day. I really appreciate all your help! Thank you very much.
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